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"With a large blast radius and high damage, the Rocket Launcher is useful against all but the fastest enemies."
― Arsenal description  [src]

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon featured in DOOM.


"This weapon has seen little design modification since its development in the late 21st century. It is standard issue to Heavy Weapons Specialists in all military forces due to its unparalleled direct impact and radius damage. The UAC improved the design slightly by adding an automated quick reload. The weapon casing has been retrofitted to accept UAC developed modifications."
― Codex Entry

The Rocket Launcher has a green barrel, with an exposed reloading area that is usually seen reloading rockets between each launch.  You spawn with 10 rockets and can be upgraded, as seen in the Ammunition section.

Ammunition []

The player can increase his max ammo cap by using Argent Energy Cells and allocating its power to "Ammo" subsystem.

"Ammo" Level Max Ammo
1 10
2 15
3 25
4 30
5 35


Remote Detonation[]

"This simple modification applies a nano-fiber membrane to the fuse of the projectile upon leaving the firing chamber. This membrane contains a graphite weave laced with low density explosive, allowing the operator to override the impact fuse and detonate the explosive charge within the projectile at any time after launch. Care must be used when employing this modification, as there is no safety system present to prevent self-harm."
― Remote Detonation Codex Entry

Remote Detonation is highly useful, as it gives much greater control over killing distant enemies, such as if they are moving around unpredictably and the rocket would otherwise miss.

Remote Detonation
Press the Weapon Mod button to detonate any rockets in flight.
Improved Warhead Using Remote Detonate will generate a larger rocket explosion. 3 / 6 Weapon Upgrade Points
Jagged Shrapnel Demons that are hit by a Remote Detonation will be pierced with additional shrapnel and continue to take damage for a short time.
External Payload Explosives are now mounted around the rocket, allowing a Remote Detonation to occur without destroying the projectile. Purchase all upgrades and complete the Weapon Mastery challenge
Mastery Challenge Unlocks the "External Payload" upgrade. Kill three enemies with a single remote-detonated blast 15 times.

Lock-On Burst[]

"Each projectile for the UAC rocket launcher is fitted with a guidance system at manufacture. This modification activates that guidance system. Micro motors in the fin assembly will guide the rocket towards a "painted target". When the operator uses the built in laser targeter to lock on a target, a salvo if three rockets is launched in rapid succession. Targeting requires a steady hand for several seconds, but once achieved the guided projectiles never miss their mark."
― Lock-On Burst Codex Entry

Lock-on Burst is useful in certain situations when trying to take down tough enemies at closer range that require multiple rockets to kill.

Lock-on Burst
Press and hold the Weapon Mod button to lock onto a target. Once locked, firing will quickly launch three rockets at the target.
Quick Lock Lock onto demons much faster. 3 / 6 Weapon Upgrade Points
Faster Recovery The time before another lock can be acquired is reduced.
Multi-Targeting Holding the Weapon Mod button to lock now supports up to three targets. Rockets will be divided amongst established locks. Purchase all upgrades and complete the Weapon Mastery challenge
Mastery Challenge Unlocks the "Multi-Targeting" upgrade. Kill five Summoners with lock-on bursts.


The Rocket Launcher can be unlocked in the multiplayer at level 2 (it's also available to use in level 1 by choosing "Assault" default loadout). The player spawns with 15 rockets (25 is the max ammo). Each rocket does 60 damage on impact. The weapon features two fire modes:

  • Primary Fire - Fires rockets that explode on impact, doing damage over a large area.
  • Weapon Mod - Immediately detonates all live rockets currently in flight.