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Robocop is a partial conversion featuring 32 levels, new weapons, and new monsters. The conversion is loosely based on the RoboCop movie. The WAD was made for the CDoom source port (version 2.05). The levels include many 3D floors and elevators, as well as Boom linetype special effects. Robocop works as a standalone IWAD for CDoom, which means that the Doom II IWAD is not needed.


Robocop must find his alex murphy life and put it inside his brain he walks by brain since he has a robot body and no organs he wears specially needed for him such as a robotic underwear etc the wad has many jesus references the creator likes jesus.


Robocop is generally considered as one of the worst WADs to be released in 2005. In addition to being viewed as an all around low quality modification, the WAD has also been criticized about being released in an unfinished and unpolished state.

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