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Robert J. Finch (Identification Number: 9848-52) is a mentioned character in Doom 3. He was a maintenance coordinator assigned to the Communications Facility on Mars. Prior to the demonic invasion, Finch was scheduled to return back home at least a week later for a little family reunion. Unfortunately for the family, Finch ultimately perished from the invasion.

Finch's PDA can be found next to his dead body in the Satellite Control Access area, containing clearance to access Maintenance.

PDA contents[]


Quiz Night (11-14-2145)[]


Don't forget that Trivia Quiz Night is this Wednesday. Do yourself a favor and brush up on the Shakespeare, mate. If we lose to those twits in administration again, we'll never hear the end of it.


On your way home!! (11-15-2145)[]

Hey Bro,
Mom told me you were heading home in a week or so... I bet you can't wait for that, can ya?

I've been pretty busy down here... Little Annie is almost 9 now. Can you believe that? Dianne and I are thinking about another one soon, we're gonna have to move into a double-wide orbiter :)

Anyway, I won't keep ya... see ya soon