Rex Claussen (previously also known as "Gurkha Boy") has been playing Doom since 1994 and has been creating maps and modifications for it since 1999. As of December 2012 he had released 106 maps, many of which were in partial or total conversions. Some of his bigger Doom projects are Paranoid, a Half-Life themed total conversion that got a nod for the 2010 Cacoward; The Darkest Hour and Dawn: A Prelude, both total conversions set in the Star Wars universe (the former was a Top 10 Wad of 2001 and a Top 100 wad of all time); and Phobos Revisited, a 9-level replacement for Doom Episode 1 that received a 2004 Cacoward. His other major projects include Temple of the Ancients, a WAD using graphics from the Quake series of games; Phoenix Rising, 5-level set using Quake II textures; A Hex on You, a WAD using Hexen II textures; and Paranoia, a Half-Life themed total conversion. He contributed a 3-map hub to TeamTNT's Eternal Doom IV: Return from Oblivion, which received a 2008 Cacoward. He has created a 9-map DooM Episode I hub named The Phobos Directive, a 9-map DooM Episode II replacement named Deimos: Slight Return, and a 9-map DooM Episode III replacement named Infernos.


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