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Revolution! is a megawad made by Thomas van der Velden. It runs under Doom II, and features 32 new levels along with some sprite replacements. An 11-map sequel, Harmony, was released in 2009.


The story revolves around a chaotic being known as "The Father". The Father had a son ("The Son") which was a being of pure evil and rebelled against him. The Father created humanity as an army to stand against the Son. The Father left a device called "the Oracle" which was intended to show humanity its true purpose; when humans had evolved sufficiently they would discover their true purpose and the battle against the Son would begin.

The Son discovers the plan and attacks humanity before it has finished evolving. Nonetheless an army of marines succeeds in defeating the Son. The monsters previously commanded by the Son become humanity's slaves. The Father, although pleased, becomes worried that humanity will eventually conquer the universe.

Earth begins to colonise a planet known as "Utopia". The monsters are used to build the colony. On the planet the Oracle is discovered; the monsters use this to break free and take over the colony. The monsters seize the transporters on the colony and use it to begin an invasion of Earth.


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