The Revenant is a returning enemy in Doom Eternal
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Revenant in Doom Eternal.

Physical Appearance

The Revenant is a skeletonized demon with what appears to be a UAC jetpack with dual rocket pods used for short to medium-range bombardment. The Revenant has a very similar appearance to the DOOM (2016) Revenant with the most notable difference being the glowing yellow eyes.


A revenant from the doom eternal battle mode

Combat Characteristics

The Revenant is a highly mobile demon due to his jetpack, his main form of attack is shooting rockets at the player, but if the player can shoot and destroy the rocket pods then the revenant will only be able to punch the player, making him much easier to kill.

Revenant Drone and Battlemode

In a later gameplay demo, Doomguy was shown taking control of a cult-controlled Revenant drone to reclaim his "property" (his beloved Super Shotgun). It featured additional abilities like a rocket pack dodge and a targeted rocket barrage. These abilities are to be expected in Battlemode.

DOOT Revenant Skin

Because the Revenant is usually the butt of the ever-popular DOOT meme, the developers decided to make a dedicated skin for the Revenant in Battlemode, replacing its cannons with trumpets and painting its armor a bronze colour.

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