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Reclaimed Earth is the second level in The Ancient Gods - Part Two, the second DLC of Doom Eternal.

"Hell's invasion of Earth has failed, and the ARC has led human resistance in the fight to reclaim the planet. The Slayer must locate the Gate of Divum, an ancient artifact of the Father's design, within the ruins of an overgrown city. Once activated, the path to Immora will be opened..."

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With the crystal from the World Spear now in hand, the Doom Slayer returns to Earth to open the Gate of Divum and travel to the oldest part of Hell.


  • Reach the Gate of Divum
    • Activate the rings

New Enemies[]


  • By completing the second stage of this level's escalation encounter, the player is able to unlock the Survivor skin for the Doom Slayer. Additionally, completing the level on Nightmare unlocks gold skins for the Plasma Rifle and Chaingun.