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ReMooD is a Doom source port of Doom Legacy 1.42 lead by GhostlyDeath.


ReMooD was first started in December of 2006 by GhostlyDeath. It originally used the normal version of the Doom source code and offered features such as jumping and the removal of limits. Initially GhostlyDeath wanted to create a port off Doom Legacy but feared that others would steal his work for themselves. On December 12, 2006, the decision was made to use the GPL version, the reason was mostly to use FraggleScript within ReMooD as fraggle only allowed usage of it, if it were GPLed. The project's goal was to create an enhanced and bug free Doom Legacy experience.

The project was stopped on February 26, 2011. The project was revived on July 3, 2011.

On July 3, 2011 the project stopped using Subversion and has switched to Mercurial instead for source code management.

Team Members

The project has virtually be solely led only by GhostlyDeath since December 7, 2006. Other members who have been on the team were NightZTag (project co-leader until project was discontinued), Stealth` (left the team), Demyx (removed due to no activity), Freedoomer (removed due to no activity), PhreakOnALeash (removed due to no activity), and Edward850 (removed for being against the GPL license). Despite all of these people being on the team the only main source of code contribution was from GhostlyDeath alone. Other members have had little or none source code contribution.


The following is a list of features available to ReMooD.

Standard Features

  • 3D Floors.
  • Scripting (Legacy Script).
  • High-Resolution support up to 32000x32000, note that the higher the resolution the more the renderer breaks due to limitations of it.
  • PC Speaker Effects.

Unique Features

The following features are unique to ReMooD in that no other known released source port implements.

  • Personalized profiles - This allows multiple players to keep their own personalized settings in a single configuration.
  • 4-player splitscreen - Up to 4 players may play on a single screen.
  • Internationalization via Unicode - Language definitions may be loaded from WADs to translate ReMooD to another language.
  • Control over monsters - Players may take control over monsters.


Official Versions

The following table are the official versions of ReMooD both old and new.

Color Meaning
Red Unsupported old release
Yellow Supported old release
Green Current
Blue Future
Gray Unsupported and unreleasable version
ReMooD Versions
Version Release Date Base
1.0 Alpha Never Doom Legacy 1.42
0.1a Never Doom Legacy 1.42
0.1b Never ReMooD 1.0a
0.1c Never Nothing
0.1d Never Nothing
0.4a Never Nothing
0.7a March 22, 2008 Doom Legacy 1.42
0.7b July 13, 2008 ReMooD 0.7a
0.7c December 31, 2008 ReMooD 0.7b
0.8a February 28, 2009 ReMooD 0.7c
0.8b Never ReMooD 0.8a
0.8c Never ReMooD 0.8b
0.8d Never ReMooD 0.8c
1.0a To be determined ReMooD 0.8b

Un-official Versions

The following is a table of ReMooD versions that the ReMooD team considers not official and does not support these versions in any way shape or form.

Un-official Versions
Canonical Version Base Existence
Original ReMooD Linux Doom 1.10 (Doom License) December 2006
ReMooD Linux Doom 1.10 (GPL) 2007
PrBoom ReMooD PrBoom 2007
ReMooD Doom Legacy/PrBoom Hybrid Doom Legacy 1.42/PrBoom 2007
ReMooD C++ Doom Legacy 1.42 rewritten in C++ 2007-2008

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