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The radiation shielding suit (shortened to radiation suit in the manuals) is an item that appears as a white hazard suit. Picking one up will make players immune to damaging floors for 60 seconds and fill their vision with a green haze. When 5 seconds remain, the green haze will begin blinking, signaling the end of the suit's effects. The suit has no armor value and does not protect the player from monster attacks in any way. Picking up one radiation suit while another is still in effect does not shield the player for an additional 60 seconds, but merely resets the protection time to 60 seconds (for instance, in E3M7: Limbo, the player may inadvertently run into additional radiation suits while navigating the blood tunnels).

The effects of a radiation shielding suit can also be obtained with the cheat code idbeholdr.

For the 20% damaging floor types, there is a small chance (6/256 ≈ 2.3%) that the damage will penetrate the protective suit during a given second, thus reducing health (or health and armor combined) by 20%. Due to the periodicity of the pseudorandom number generator used by the Doom engine, however, the probability of this occurring more than once during the lifetime of a given suit is extremely low. Also, testing indicates that the radiation suit will NOT work on a damaging floor of Type 11.

This item is not included in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level.

The radiation shielding suit is forsaken in Doom 64 for a green glowing radiation symbol (called the "Radiation Shield"). However, its beneficial effects are still the same.

Appearance statistics

The IWADs contain the following numbers of radiation shielding suits:

Game 1-2 3 4-5
The Ultimate Doom 53 52 48
Doom II 36 33 31
TNT: Evilution 27 26 26
Plutonia 24 24 24

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