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REKKR is a 4 episode total conversion for Doom, created by Matthew Little (Revae), with a full soundtrack created by Tom Jensen (HexenMapper), sound effects provided by TerminusEst13, additional textures by Chris Kassap (lupinx-Kassman), and additional mapping by Angry Saint, Brayden Hart (AD_79) , Bzzrak Ktazzz, Chris Kassap, James Paddock (Jimmy), Jaws in Space, SuperCupcakeTactics, TerminusEst13, and Velcrosasquatch.

It is compatible with all modern source ports and even the original Doom executable.


Episode 1: Homecoming[]

  • E1M1: Sinking
  • E1M2: Down
  • E1M3: Flurrious
  • E1M4: Blade Swamp
  • E1M5: Fielding
  • E1M6: Rampart
  • E1M7: Dripstone Wharf
  • E1M8: Hazardous Coast
  • E1M9: Pop Some Hops

Episode 2: Downfall[]

  • E2M1: On Fire
  • E2M2: Drained
  • E2M3: Sequester
  • E2M4: Metal
  • E2M5: Marketplace 
  • E2M6: Magnus Avenue
  • E2M7: Mistory
  • E2M8: Audience
  • E2M9: Addle

Episode 3: Otherworld[]

  • E3M1: Isolation
  • E3M2: Claustrophilia
  • E3M3: Dungeon
  • E3M4: Acrophobinox 
  • E3M5: Shine On
  • E3M6: Seeing Red
  • E3M7: Siege
  • E3M8: Rok
  • E3M9: Begin

Episode 4: Bonus[]

  • E4M1: Village of Delusion
  • E4M2: Ice Melt
  • E4M3: Quick
  • E4M4: Window Pain
  • E4M5: Mal Arena
  • E4M6: Cliffusion
  • E4M7: Dance Macabre
  • E4M8: EyeBrawl
  • E4M9: home.wAD

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