"Welcome to Mars. All new arrivals need to check in at reception."
― R. Cooper, upon meeting the Marine [src]

R. Cooper was a Mars-Sec security guard stationed at Landing Bay 1 in Mars City. Cooper was responsible for inspecting the cargo logs of space transports in Mars City. He also greeted new arrivals on Mars and directed them to where they should go. Cooper wore a standard Mars-Sec uniform and helmet with goggles, and had a standard PDA.

When the player meets R. Cooper at the start of Doom 3, he will ask you to head directly to reception. If the player persists in speaking to him, he will (like most characters) tell you he's too busy too talk, and that he has to process the cargo log and send it to Central Authority.

His fate is unknown, though he was most likely killed or turned into a zombie or Z-Sec during the demon invasion.


  • Killing Cooper (with cheats) will not make him drop his PDA.
  • Using the Trent Reznor sound mod, Cooper's voice will change to the "One man stands between Hell and Earth" speech from Doom 3 Alpha's Intro.

Behind the Scenes

  • His name may be a reference to a character named Richard Cooper in the 1995 Sci-Fi film Screamers.
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