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Traductus confronted with the Quietus in his tomb.

The Quietus is a weapon from Hexen. It resembles a longsword with a fiery green aura, and is Baratus the Fighter's final weapon that can be retrieved in the game. The Quietus, like the fourth weapons for the other classes, is in pieces. The three respective pieces must be collected before the weapon can be used.

When assembled, the Quietus shoots a barrage of five spherical green energy blasts in an arc pattern, each doing a heavy amount of damage to enemies. The arc of the projectiles angles slightly to the left, and the Quietus requires 14 mana of each kind to use.

Players cannot use the Quietus as a melee weapon in normal Hexen, but a modification known as the Korax Mod allows for it to be used as a melee weapon. Despite this, Quietus is most effective at very close range; attacking a tough enemy from point-blank range, using Quietus as though it were a melee weapon, is actually very effective, as it ensures all the blasts simultaneously strike the same target, causing tremendous damage.

The manual's description states that most monsters will willingly give up their souls if hit by the Quietus.