Quakecon Games is a popular event IPN News reported on it on November 11, 2145. It has been going on since around 1996.

In 2145, Andy Stratton takes the gold in the 149th Quakecon Games, beating thousands of other athletes for this year's 10 million credit prize.

Behind the scenes

This appears to be a reference to the Quake series of games and a mix of both original release date of Quake, and the original QuakeCon which was inaugurated in August 1996.[1]

As well as a reference to basic concept of Quake II/Quake III Arena/Quake III Team Arena/Quake Live as a Arena based 'athletic' battle sport..

Quake symbol can be seen on a poster in a locker in a locker room of the UAC Advanced Research Facility in Doom 2016.


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