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The Quad Damage sphere is a new powerup that appears in Doom (2016). The Quad Damage powerup increases the players weapon damage, up to four times more than normal. The Quad Damage sphere will also cover the players screen with a purple haze, and cover their current weapon with a purple shading. When firing a weapon with Quad Damage active, the weapon will make a deep, resonating noise when fired.


In-Game Description


Once ingested, the subject effectively becomes a host for what was presumed to be the most powerful of UI-Thranx demons. Any weapon held by the subject is enhanced, giving them up to four times as much projectile force and ballistic power. Though the effects are short lived, they can be devastating. During the initial testing phase, patient C-132 (a volunteer Tier 2 advocate) managed to decapitate three security personnel using nothing more than a pocket knife.

Combat Characteristics

As the name of the powerup suggests, the Quad Damage sphere increases the players weapons with up to four times more damage than normal. This allows weapons such as the Super Shotgun to potentially kill higher-ranking demons such as the Revenant with one shot, and even to take out Barons without too much trouble. The Quad Damage effect will last until the powerup meter (seen at the bottom of the screen) is empty.

Tactical Analysis

Like most other powerups, the Quad Damage sphere can be found in locations where full-on battles take place. As a result, it is wise to wait until higher-ranking demons begin warping in or the player begins to become overwhelmed before picking up the powerup. The powerup lasts for a limited time, so the player should attempt to kill as many demons as possible. Quad Damage is one of the more useful powerups, especially on the harder skill levels.


The Quad Damage sphere is also one of the four powerups that appear in multiplayer. It functions in exactly the same way as it does in the campaign and will occasionally spawn in designated areas in the map. If the player using the Quad Damage powerup is killed, they will drop the sphere, allowing other players to pick it up. The Quad Damage powerup can continue to be used until the powerup meter is empty. The powerup meter remains the same for all players, and will carry on from player to player until it is empty. Players who kill enemies with Quad Damage will have their weapon covered with a purple shade in the kill feed.


  • The Quad Damage sphere is based on the powerup of the same name seen in the Quake series, also developed by Id Software. In addition to this, the noise heard when the player fires their weapon is the same noise heard when the player picks up the powerup in Quake.
  • The appearance of the Quad Damage sphere is seemingly based on powerups seen in the classic doom games, such as the Supercharge, due to the purple skull seen within it.
  • This is the first powerup to appear in a Doom game that enhances the strength of the player's weapons, with the exception of the Berserk powerup for the Fists, and more closely the Berserk power of The Artifact in Resurrection of Evil, which works on all weapons, not just fists. Ironically, in this game, the Fists aren't normally available, and the Berserk powerup instead enables instant Glory Kills without the need to weaken and stun the enemy.