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Pursuit is a PWAD containing 32 deathmatch levels designed by various members of TeamTNT. It was released on October 31st of 1997 via the Idgames archive. Aside from 32 levels, the PWAD contained new textures, new title screen and intermission graphics, intermission music by David "Tolwyn" Shaw and three demos of four player deathmatches.

Complete map list[]

MAP01: Ty Halderman - "Case Closed"

MAP02: Gary Gosson - "Sunrise"

MAP03: Lisa Moore - "Terminal Obsession"

MAP04: Gary Gosson - "Waiting for Worms"

MAP05: Richard Jaspars - "Solar Plexus"

MAP06: Lisa Moore - "Your Own Pit to Die in"

MAP07: William Whitaker - "Weekend at OJ's"

MAP08: Ty Halderman - "Shadow Boxing"

MAP09: Richard Jaspars - "Arena"

MAP10: Gary Gosson - "Mommy, Where's Daddy?"

MAP11: Lisa Moore - "Monolithic"

MAP12: Tommie Quick (Fatal) - "Black Rage"

MAP13: Ty Halderman - "Deathway"

MAP14: Jeremy Wagner - "Damn It!"

MAP15: Richard Jaspars - "Run Like Hell"

MAP16: Richard Jaspars - "Chaos"

MAP17: Yonatan Donner - "Broken World"

MAP18: Mark Hatton - "Pulse"

MAP19: William Whitaker - "Halflife"

MAP20: William Whitaker - "No Way Out"

MAP21: Andrew Dowswell - "Under an Open Sky"

MAP22: William Whitaker - "Terminus"

MAP23: Charles Cox - "Riven"

MAP24: Gary Gosson - "Hot Patootie"

MAP25: Jim Kennedy - "Spelunker"

MAP26: Tommie Quick (Fatal) - "Deathyard"

MAP27: Jeremy Wagner - "Kill 'em Dead"

MAP28: Tommie Quick (Fatal) - "Pillars"

MAP29: William Whitaker - "A Time to Kill, A Time to Die"

MAP30: Yonatan Donner - "The Holy Goat"

MAP31: Richard Jaspars - "Sector 7"

MAP32: Mark Hatton - Hatty "Interstellar Overdrive"

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