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Punisher is a single-level WAD for Doom II, designed by Milo and Dario Casali. While initially built around MAP01: Entryway, it extends or adds vast new areas, and large numbers of monsters, as well as the needed weapons and ammo needed to defeat them. The introduction screen shows a picture of the Punisher comic book character.

The only safe part of the level is the start. Once the player moves into the room with the two pillars and the pointed "V" stairs and starts fighting the monsters there, the rest of the enemies in the level will be alerted by the player's gunfire, as the map is an open one.

The level is known for places saturated with all one type of monster (either Chaingunners, Revenants, Pain Elementals, Arachnotrons, Mancubi, Hell Knights, or Baron of Hells. Consequently, this much reduces any hope of relying on Monster infighting, though there is plentiful ammo. Only the boss demons, such as the Arch-Vile, Spider Mastermind, and Cyberdemon appear singly.

In practice, however, the level quickly becomes repetitive, since the player frequently hides behind a wall, popping out to take shots at the monsters, rather than engaging them head on. Usually, there is not enough sufficient space and too many monsters for Circle-strafing.

The outer area with all of the Mancubi around the pool, and the Arachnotrons on the upper level, has a design flaw. The Cyberdemon at the lower elevation cannot hit enemies above him if he is not far enough away, since his rockets will detonate at the edge of the upper level.

The WAD is infamously known for slowing down Intel 486 and Pentium CPUs that could otherwise run Doom well. It fell short of making the list of Top 10 Infamous WADs. The basic concept was revisited by the Casali brothers for Go 2 It, the super-secret level of The Plutonia Experiment.


  • A Cyberdemon and Mastermind are place within each others' collision boxes, and therefore they are stuck. Killing either will cause the other to be released.

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