The Prowler is a multiplayer exclusive demon that appears in Doom. Until the release of the Cacodemon, It is the fourth and final demon that the player can unlock.


The Prowler is a muscular, agile demon with a body type similar to that of an imp. They have three small, beady eyes that take up most of its face and a large, gaping mouth that opens up similar to a cacodemon. They have a purple and black skin tone and a row of bones going down its back. perhaps its most distinguishing feature is the jagged claws on each of the Prowler's fingers.

Combat Characteristics

As the Prowler, the player has the ability to leap great distances and cling to any wall or ceiling. The player can identity where it can leap via a red outline of the Prowler itself. The Prowler can also see enemy players through walls via red outlines of their characters. If the Prowler makes contact with an enemy player while leaping, they will grab the player by the head and smash them into a nearby surface, killing them instantly. The Prowler, when on the ground, can also grab enemies and rip their arms off for an instant kill. Both attacks in question count as Glory Kills.

Tactical Analysis

As a Prowler, it is wise to stay away from large groups of enemies as the Prowler has little health and no ranged attacks unlike the other playable demons. The Prowler should pick off enemies that are alone. The player should also take advantage of the Prowler's quick reflexes by leaping on numerous platforms in order to avoid gunfire or to confuse the enemy. Furthermore, the Prowler should occasionally pick off enemies from the ground by attacking from behind.

When fighting a Prowler, it is wise to take advantage of the Prowler's inability to use ranged attacks and low health pool and fire on it where possible. The player should attempt to stay away from the Prowler as much as possible and avoid its leap attacks. Weapons such as the Super Shotgun prove useful if facing the Prowler up close and a well placed shot from a fully charged Static Rifle also proves useful if the Prowler is further away. The Gauss Cannon is probably the most useful special weapon to use against the Prowler as it almost always hits its target while also dealing massive damage. The BFG9000 can also deal great damage, but requires an accurate shot. Using the Chainsaw against the Prowler is not advised as the Prowler has the ability to instantly kill anyone up close.

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