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The Prowler is a multiplayer exclusive demon that appears in Doom (2016) and makes its singleplayer debut in Doom Eternal. Until the release of the Cacodemon, it was the fourth and final demon that the player can unlock in the multiplayer of Doom (2016).

It bears a small resemblance to Wraiths from Doom 3, especially at the face. Just like the Wraith, its attacks are mostly melee, but it moves very fast across the surfaces (as it has the ability to leap over cliffs) and can also teleport from one location to another in a matter of seconds. When fighting a Prowler think of keeping it at distance or use the chainsaw when up close.

The Doom Eternal variant fights similarly to Imps, albeit with a greater health pool and the ability to quickly teleport around the map. It is additionally classed as a heavy demon and therefore requires three units of Chainsaw fuel instead of the one unit required for the Imp.