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A projectile is any thing that behaves like a damaging object that is fired or hurled, such as monster fireballs and missiles, plasma or BFG bursts, and attacking lost souls. Bullets and shotgun shells are not considered projectiles because they do not spawn a new object, instead they do hitscan damage - doing damage the exact instant they are fired. They require the following mobj (or thing) flags:

  • MF_NOGRAVITY (or "No gravity" in DeHackEd; 512 bits)
  • MF_DROPOFF (or "Travels over cliffs" in DeHackEd; 1024 bits)
  • MF_MISSILE (or "Projectile" in DeHackEd; 65536 bits)

And usually also (the lost soul does not use it):

  • MF_NOBLOCKMAP (or "Can't be hit" in DeHackEd; 16 bits)

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