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The Programmer engages mortal combat with the player in his keep, attacking with his piece of the Sigil.


A computer image of the Programmer sneering at the player in the middle of an ambush.

The Programmer is the first boss of Strife. He's the programmer of the AI that controls most if not all the Acolytes, and he is also the first character in the game to use the Sigil in any way, shape or form, summoning blasts to rain down on the player as they fight him. He appears as a strange-looking man, or upper torso of a man that is within a flying pod that opens up upon the player's arrival. The first piece of the Sigil can even be seen on his neck like a necklace. He is the only Sigil-wielding enemy in the game that does not require the Sigil itself to damage since he is either not fully possessed by a Spectre, or the Spectre has somehow been forced out, as the said Spectre appears later in the Ancient Temple near the Commons. The Programmer has 1100 Hit Points, and will be broken apart from his pod when he dies, allowing the player to get the first piece of the Sigil, and the Order Castle will become The Front's new base.