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Prodoomer by PsychosilverTH is a 33 map total conversion of Doom 2 that is known for its RPG elements and legendary difficulty. It was designed for the GZDoom source port, as it takes advantage of many features made possible by GZDoom such as sloped 3D floors and dynamic lights.


Prodoomer uses a hub-based layout, where the player returns to the orbital city in between each level and can travel to any level that has been unlocked. The orbital city hub allows the player to purchase ammo and weapon upgrades, recruit military units for assistance in the field, and view a bestiary of all monsters encountered so far.

The RPG system allows the player to gain experience for enemies killed. Upon each level up, new spell-like abilities will be unlocked, ranging from a simple fireball, to the ability to freeze time, to a devastating vortex that kills everything in its path. Money is gained by collecting treasure and coins, which are both dropped by enemies and found scattered throughout the levels. Bonus XP and money can be earned based on the tally of enemies, secrets, and items at the end of each level; getting 100% completion will earn the player an "S" rank in the mission, which go towards unlocking the secret levels.

In addition to the normal level secrets, there are also sixty gold rings and four colored secret rings hidden throughout the game. These rings are usually very well hidden and tricky to reach. Collecting all 64 is necessary to unlock the first secret level, Map 32.


Map01: Near to UAC Base

Map02: Entrance of UAC Force

Map03: Second Floor UAC Force

Map04: Lava Moss

Map05: Hidden Base

Map06: In the Rooftop: Night

Map07: Doom Burger

Map08: 4 Sides of Death

Map09: Communication Base

Map10: Caverns

Map11: Archers Forest

Map12: Raynor Truth

Map13: Obscure Base Part I: Fog Area

Map14: Obscure Base Part II: Cyberdemon

Map15: Obscure Base Part III: Rocks and Stones

Map16: Bi-Colour Dimension

Map17: Mines

Map18: Radical Train

Map19: Radical Train Part II

Map20: Central City

Map21: Neighborhood

Map22: Sewers

Map23: Desolation

Map24: Stadium

Map25: Lost Colony

Map26: Mad Space

Map27: Unwelcome

Map28: Flame Core

Map29: Unspoken Temple

Map30: Skull of Sin

Map31: Climax

Map32: Mobius (Secret Level)

Map33: Legion of Atrocity (Secret Level)

Map34: Awakening