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"So you made it this far."
― Malcolm Betruger  [src]

PRIMARY EXCAVATION - "The primary excavation site houses the ancient burial chamber. The discovery of this chamber unearthed the stone tablets, soul cube, and many other valuable artifacts."

Primary Excavation: Artifact Dig is the twenty-seventh and final level of Doom 3. The player must defeat the final boss, the Cyberdemon, in order to seal the Hell portal. Imps, Maggots, and the Cyberdemon are the only enemies in this level. An exploratory player may find the hidden "id Software" PDA, containing messages from several id Software employees.


As you go down the elevator, a demonic voice will greet you, reminding you that have made it this far. Once down, there are countless stashes of weapons, armor, medkits, and ammo lying around. Load up your gear before proceeding down the stairs. You will find a few small rooms, one of them containing an informational video about the stone tablets (this is same video disk you should have collected from the previous level) and the next room containing a large sarcophagus and a backpack near a dead end. Once you pass by the sarcophagus and pick up the backpack, the bricks will suddenly open by themselves, providing a further path. By this point, you will hear a loud demonic roaring from the Cyberdemon. Once you traverse through the cavernous path, another brick wall will block your way. It will slowly open, revealing a square platform. Stand on the platform and it will slowly descend deep down. The platform will then lead you to a small labyrinth.

Make your way down to the small labyrinth until you find two opposite paths at your front.

The left side should be surrounded by red walls. Going left will reveal a secret Easter Egg, which will contain a brick engraved with an id Software logo. Press it. The room next to the brick will open, which will contain a PDA from id Software, congratulating and thanking the player for playing the game.

Once that's done, move to the other path, and a cutscene should play of the Cyberdemon introducing itself to you. Now you have to defeat this giant monster. If your Soul Cube is already charged, use it on the Cyberdemon. Otherwise, instantly back away. The basic strategy is to stay far away from it as possible, as it can instantly kill you by trampling you. Do not waste ammo on it, as well, as the Cyberdemon is not going to take any damage, even from your BFG 9000. Instead you will have Imps and Maggots constantly appearing around the Hell Hole. Focus on killing those guys to get your Soul Cube running, as the Cyberdemon can only fall from it's attacks. Remember, always be on the move and stay far away from the Cyberdemon unless your Soul Cube is ready. The Hell Hole will also provide you unlimited stamina, just like what you experienced from your prior journey in Hell, so constantly sprint as freely as you can. Once you unleash the Soul Cube's attack a total of four times against the Cyberdemon, the giant beast will fall and the game is over.





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