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Possessed Security are former human UAC NeoPhalanx operatives turned zombie-like creatures. They are a recurring enemy in Doom (2016). They can be considered a combination of the Shotgun Guy from the original Doom due to their weapons functioning similar to that of a shotgun, and the Riot Shield Trooper Z-Sec from Doom 3 due to their energy shields. They first appear in Resource Operations.

In-Game Description[]


Possessed Security units exhibit the most complex battle strategies of all possessed humans, including mobile shield advances towards the enemy and firing while in defilade. Possessed Security will also drop their shields to adopt a more accurate firing stance at the cost of their defense.


A Possessed Security will keep an optimal distance from its target. If the target gets too close, the Possessed Security will attack with a ferocious shield bash then retreat to a preferred engagement range. Possessed Security have only been observed using the DS-117 UAC shotgun and shield outfit which suggests that their ranks are exclusively created from members of a special forces military unit called the UAC NeoPhalanx. The NeoPhalanx is used exclusively as military defense for remote UAC colonies.


They have the same appearance as the Possessed Soldier but are armed with a shotgun that has been fused to its arm and a big, translucent blue energy shield which can take a lot of damage before turning from blue, to purple and to red before finally breaking.

Combat Characteristics[]

When encountered - depending on player distance or if the player attacks them - they may enter a state of repeatedly taunting, lowering their defence completely and allowing them to be flanked with no way of returning fire until the taunting animation ends or gets interrupted. They may also hold position with their shield held up in front of them. Once they are in an aggressive state, they will rapidly advance with their shield held up, only opening firing at around 3 to 4 yards: at greater range their shotgun's projectiles simply disappear. If they advance to the point they make direct contact they have a damaging bash attack with their shield which will cause the Slayer to become stunned and stagger for a few seconds, allowing the Possessed Security to make a lethal follow-up attack with their shotgun.

Tactical Analysis[]

The Possessed Security is one of the worst enemies to face in close spaces because of their huge shield which protects them from damage before breaking. The shield will gradually change from blue to red as it takes damage, and if it breaks the Possessed Security is briefly vulnerable as he resets the device: if he succeeds, it is immediately restored back to its blue state. The shield also heals slowly over time if it is damaged but not broken.

Destroying the shield is a poor choice as it is extremely durable and restored very quickly even if broken. Flanking a Possessed Security is possible, particular by using the Delta V Jump-Boots to leap over them. Alternatively, the player can throw a frag grenade to land behind them, use the Explosive Shot modification for the combat shotgun, or use the rocket launcher with Remote Detonation. The chainsaw is also extremely effective as it totally disregards the shield and only requires a single unit of fuel to kill a Possessed Security.

The Stun Bomb modification for the plasma rifle works extremely well as it not only stuns the Possessed Security, but disables its shield for the duration of the stun. However, if the Stun Bomb strikes the shield directly it will only take down the shield and will not inflict a stun effect, so it is important to aim for the ground near the creature and not for the Possessed Security itself.

The hologram can be very effective against Possessed Security, as once they start attacking it they will not stop until it disappears, even if the Slayer is closer to them than the Hologram is. This allows them to be flanked with relative ease.


  • Possessed Security share their character models with Possessed Soldiers.
  • The Possessed Security's shield is capable of blocking Gauss Cannon shots.
  • This enemy archetype is strikingly similar to the Jackals ('Kig-Yar') of Halo, in which said Covenant forces are armed with an energy shield and can only be disabled with plasma weapons.