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A Possessed Engineer is a former welder turned demon that has an explosive blow torch. They appear in DOOM. They first appear in Resource Operations.

In-Game Description[]


During the Lazarus Wave event, victims undergo dramatic changes to their physiology both internally and externally. Aside from fundamentally changing the composition of their internal organs, the high intensity plasma wave is strong enough to fuse metal to skin. In many cases, personal items such as watches and jewelry can burn through the skin and become permanently embedded in the victim.

Perhaps the most unfortunate victims of this fusing event are any subjects that happen to be working with acetylene tanks or welding equipment. As this equipment is often attached to the body to allow for mobile work in low gravity environments, the Lazarus Wave will create a demonized human with a highly combustible explosive device embedded in its skin.

As with all Possessed creatures, they are mindless and driven through some form of telepathic communication from an unknown demon overseer. Additional care must be taken when confronting a Possessed Engineer; if the fuel tank is punctured and it doesn't explode, the weakened container can turn the Possessed Engineer into an explosive projectile. This is a danger to any being nearby, both human and demon.


Possessed Engineer

The Possessed Engineer wears a welding mask and some typical safety attire for workers. Their faces and exposed arms have been severely burned and melted. There is also a red fuel canister that has been fused to the Engineer's torso. Even though their welding equipment has melted into their body, they look the most "human" compared to the other Possessed.

Combat Characteristics[]

Unlike other Possessed creatures, Engineers do not attack their enemies by biting and scratching. Instead, when close, they will let out a loud growl and sprint towards their prey, blowing their fuel tanks, which trigger an explosion that deals heavy damage.

Tactical Analysis[]

The Possessed Engineers aren't that big of a threat compared to other monsters as they act just like the normal Possessed. However, they should be taken out from a distance because of the highly explosive fuel tank embedded in their chest. The player can also use the tank as an advantage by shooting the Engineer while it's standing in a big crowd of monsters, as the resulting explosion will damage or kill all nearby enemies. Glory Kills end with them being kicked away, saving the player from damage while potentially throwing the Engineer into other enemies before exploding.


  • Possessed Engineers will not explode when killed by the Chainsaw.
  • Possessed Engineers don't explode when killed by a player-controlled Mancubus' venting ability in SnapMap.
  • In SnapMap, Possessed Engineers cannot be glory killed, though they still enter their glory kill stance after sustaining enough damage.
  • In Doom Eternal, they are known as Cueballs.