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The Porkalator is Hexen's equivalent of Heretic's Morph Ovum. When used, several projectiles are fired in a spread, and any enemies hit by them will be transformed into small pigs (instead of chickens, as with the Morph Ovum). It is called porkalator in the game, but porkelator in the game manual. Its hotkey is 6.

If the player or a monster gets hit by a Porkalator projectile, they are transformed into a pig. In this state, they have 30% health and cannot go above that limit. In this shape, the player can run very fast and can use their smaller stature to go through small areas. Anyone transformed into a pig (player or otherwise) can still attack in the form of a simple bite that causes little damage and transformed players can still use Flechettes, but due to the low hit point amount and lack of armor it is unwise for a player to continue fighting in this state. Certain automatic dart-throwing machines in the game (found in places such as the Castle of Grief or the Vivarium) spit out Porkalator projectiles along with their other darts.

The Porkalator's effect does not last forever, and eventually players and enemies transformed into pigs will return to normal (except an activated Dark Servant, or Stalkers). The advantage for the player is that their health will be restored back to 100% after the effect of the Porkalator wears off.

The game manual states that in normal human society, even speaking of the Porkelator is forbidden.

The Porkalator does not affect any of Hexen's bosses (the Death Wyvern, Heresiarchs, Zedek, Traductus, Menelkir, or Korax). However, it is particularly useful against packs of Centaurs and/or Slaughtaurs.