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Plutonia Revisited is a 32-map megawad by various authors in the Doom community, released April 19, 2011 as an unofficial sequel to The Plutonia Experiment and winning a 2011 Cacoward. The soundtrack consists of music from Ultimate Doom and Doom II, music from Plutonia 2, and several original tracks.


After destroying the weird looking face in the end of your last crusade against hell, you sit back and relax, gloating over all the steaming carcasses you've produced. You did not know, however, that this was just a gambit, a distraction. The demonic forces have posessed the ethereal architects of reality and bent them to further warp your world for the past six months.

You, unaware of this, suddenly see a portal opening. Thinking it was an exit that would inevitably lead you home, you jump into it without hesitation. Suddenly, you end up in some kind of cyber-reality, and you feel a strong deja vu. Is hell just recycling ideas nowadays?

Unfortunately, the gatekeeper decided to move on from his usual thirst for universal domination and settled for a personal vendetta against you. Why? Well, you've kicked its arse several times so there's no question that it'd like to see you gone. Gatekeeper bound his reality weaving lackeys to create your own personalized hell. You grind your teeth as a result of aggravation that you cannot shake, like a splinter in one of the small crevices within your body. You can only hope that killing yet another flat bastard at the end of this road will mean freedom. But hey, what can you do? The last several times has let you down, so what are the chances it will happen again? You think to yourself, "This time it's personal."


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