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PlayStation Doom TC is a total conversion created by fenderc01 in 2008 for GZDoom. It aims to replicate the feel and graphics of PlayStation Doom and, from 2011, Playstation Final Doom. The last version created by fenderc01 was Beta 3, but the project has continued under the lead of Scottgray and is currently at version 2.135. This recreates, as faithfully as possible, the map layout, monster/item/decoration placement, darker lighting, grittier textures, colored sectors and animated sky of the Playstation versions of Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom. It also uses the music, sound effects, Williams logo animation and animated title screen from the Playstation version.

The Lost Levels add-on for the TC converts all of the PC-exclusive maps from Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, TNT: Evilution, the Plutonia Experiment and the Master Levels into the Playstation style, using Playstation music, sound effects, colored sectors, lowered lighting levels, animated skies and decorations, within the known (or extrapolated) Playstation limits.

From the Readme file: This is an attempt to reproduce Doom, as experienced on the first PlayStation console, using the resources from the actual game discs. The levels, textures, sound effects, reverberations, music, colored lighting, and animation timing have been included to match the PlayStation version as accurately as possible, with a few bug fixes and tweaks included as seen fit.


  • Mattfrie1 (Project Coordinator)
  • fenderc01 (Maker of PSX Doom TC/Resources/Tester)
  • Dragonsbretheren (Updated TC Maker/Tester)
  • ScottGray (Final Doom Levels)
  • Omnipotus (PSX Final Doom Converter)
  • lafoxxx (Rerecorded Music/Tester)
  • unknownna (Multiple Bug Fix Updates)
  • scalliano (Credits Roll/Tester)
  • Gez (Assistance with weapon and monster coding)
  • Sodaholic (Sprite/Palette Conversion)


  • francis247uk
  • buttspit
  • GBT3
  • Hellknight2012
  • Charu
  • nirv

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