300px-Eternal Plasma Rifle Concept

Concept art

Making a return in Doom Eternal, the Plasma Rifle has undergone a redesign. It is now very similar in appearance to the Plasma Gun from Doom 1 and 2, look much bulkier as opposed to the sleek and futuristic design found in Doom (2016), but both weapons function the same.

This time around, it has different mods from before. The first mod is a held microwave beam that locks onto enemies and damages them until they violently explode, with the blast radius increasing according to the size of the enemy. The second mod is similar to the Heat Blast mod from Doom 2016, but it supposedly has a power level system depicted by bars around the reticle. Also, it has a Needler-alike "supercombine" effect where if enough shots are precisely landed on an enemy, it causes a staggering micro-blast. Nothing beats the sugar-sweet kiss of heavy ordnance.


Modification Upgrades Mastery
Heat Blast Quick Fire
Super Heated Rounds
Power Surge
Microwave Beam

Faster Beam Charge
Increased Range

Concussive Blast
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