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Plasma Rifle is a weapon featured in Doom (2016).

Based on an early 21st-century high-intensity plasma gun design, it has been enhanced with Argent energy technology developed at the UAC Mars Base. After these enhancements, it has become standard-issue equipment for many militaries and has obsoleted the heavy assault rifle. Its plasmoid projectiles cause damage through both kinetic and thermal energy. It has a high rate of fire, emitting small bright blue discrete spheres of plasma. Unlike previous versions of the weapon, the plasma spheres have a small blast damage effect. This can be substantially increased through the use of the weapon's modified firing mode - a single larger plasma orb will be emitted which detonates in air, covering the nearby area in burning napalm-like plasma for a short period.

The Plasma Rifle became standard issue among military units with the advent of Argent powered electromagnetic accelerators. Based off the HIPGD design of the early 21st century, this weapon delivers a rapid salvo of plasmoids that inflict both impact and thermal damage to the target.

Tactical analysis

The Plasma Rifle is a relatively weak weapon, but has a rapid rate of fire similar to the Heavy Assault Rifle, and because the plasma shots do splash damage, it is more useful for taking down quickly-moving close range enemies, especially Imps, than the HAR or the Combat Shotgun. While not as useful against stronger enemies (especially on Nightmare, where the Plasma Rifle is of little use against anything other than Imps), the modifications such as the Stun Bomb can still be helpful.


Stun Bomb

This modification condenses multiple plasmoids into a single pulse. The resulting discharge exceeds the Franheiser limit, creating a string of Birkeland currents. The resulting filamentary structure will incapacitate any target caught within the radius for a few seconds. This modification requires cooling between uses.

Heat Blast

A copper crucible attached to the focusing lens of the Plasma Rifle absorbs residual thermal energy from the weapon and can discharge it instantly by transferring the heat to a borosilicate diffusion chamber. This creates a heat wave from the end of the weapon that causes localized damage and sometimes creates a pressure wave that will knock back targets. The crucible recharges with normal use of the weapon. While the operator of the weapon is partially shielded from the charge, it is recommended that a thermal protection uniform (such as the X suit prototypes) be worn while operating this modification.


  • Primary Fire - A fully automatic rifle that fires pulses of superheated plasma capable of dealing splash damage.
  • Weapon Mod - Shoots a plasma orb which detonates, creating a small area of burning plasma.
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