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PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 3 - "Power requirements for Site 1 are enormous and are generated in Sector 3 by an extremely efficient Plasma Rector. This revolutionary technology was developed by UAC scientists within the Phobos Labs."

Phobos Labs - Sector 3: Main Reactor is the ninth level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The player shuts down the reactor and life support systems here.


  • Transfer Bay
  • Skytram Station South
  • Phobos Labs Exterior
  • Skytram Airlock
  • Skytram Junction
  • Skytram Station West
  • Reactor Systems
  • Plasma Storage
  • Reactor Mechanical
  • Reactor Core
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Reactor Control
  • Reactor Support
  • Energy Processing
  • Maintenance Elevator
  • Airlock Vestibule
  • Airlock Chamber
  • Phobos Labs Rooftops
  • Airlock Chamber
  • Upper Maintenance
  • Maintenance Elevator
  • Lower Cargo Tunnels
  • Environmental Support
  • Maintenance Shaft
  • Environmental Control
  • Upper Maintenance
  • Skywalk
  • Skywalk Access
  • Transfer Bay


Go on a tram and go through some goofy stuff on the outside of the labs before leaving it and entering a decently sized room with some zombies. Kill them and go into a storage closet with a ton of Plasma ammo and a Plasma Rifle. Leaving it will spawn a couple of Vulgars and Revenants.

Go down a hallway, and enter the Reactor Core room, where you will go down levels of elevators around the outside of it, while fighting Forgotten Ones and Cacodemons. Go into some maintenance areas and get a keycard and a PDA before going up an elevator. Going back up will spawn Vulgars, as well as Forgotten Ones and Cacodemons when you go back up. Go into the Reactor Control room and open a cabinet and shut down the reactor before going out of the room and raising a bridge to go to another room. This room contains a trio of Z-Secs and an elevator, leading to a lower area containing a boatload of Pinkies and Revenants. Kill them, and a Sentry Bot will boot up and lead you through the Energy Processing area, filled with Wraiths and Vulgars, at the end an elevator.

Grab some stuff and cycle an airlock before going into a mars surface area with no monsters. Cycle the other airlock and immediately be ambushed by a group of Z-secs and Vulgars. Go down another elevator and into the Cargo Tunnels. Here you will face three Hell Knights in quick succession. After you kill them all, go into a room with a Pinky, and go up some stairs and catwalks, facing different demons trying to stop you. Go up a ladder and shut off the life support. Go into the scenic Skywalk room, and exit the level.


  • Nicolas Haag




Cabinet Codes[]

  • Storage Cabinet #009: Supplies - 492