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PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 1 - "While teleportation is the primary field of research in Sector 1, UAC scientists have also made important discoveries here in the area of gravity manipulation. As a result, the Gravity Accelerator is one of the UAC's most successful products."

Phobos Labs - Revisited: Teleportation is the tenth level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The player receives the BFG 9000, and the Arch-vile makes it’s only appearance in Resurrection of Evil.


  • Transfer Bay
  • Transfer Support
  • Transfer Maintenance
  • Airlock Access
  • Monorail Station
  • Teleportation Reception
  • Teleporter Mechanical
  • Teleportation Chamber
  • Teleporter Control


This level is quite short, but has many higher tier monsters. You exit the bay door and are in some dark corridors, where you will have to fight some Z-secs and Vulgars. After you deal with them, pick up a PDA next to a corpse, and head over to the Monorail station.

Under the Monorail is the BFG 9000 and a BFG cell, pick them up, and go into a large, open room. Three Bruisers will spawn in, two once you enter and one as you leave. Use the artifact or don’t, but dispatch them, then go into another near identical large room with Z-secs. Enter back into the Teleporter Reception room, with the only required Arch-vile of the whole expansion. He can be cheesed with the Artifact, as well as the two Revenants that will spawn in. After that, two Vulgars with spawn, and opening the door, a Bruiser will come at you.

You then are at a high cramped area, with some Machine gun Z-secs and two Wraiths. Afterwards, you can fight an optional Arch-vile on a thin catwalk, or you can go to the final room, where your ticket out is, guarded by many Revenants and Bruisers. Head over to the computer and select Pad 1: Delta (because it’s your only option) and teleport your way to the penultimate level.


  • Ronn Jolson




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