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Phil W. Wilson (Identification Number: 5151-27) was a medical technician assigned to Level 2 of the Delta Labs on Mars. Whilst it is likely that he was killed during the demon invasion, his audio log indicates that he may have been transferred off-planet a few weeks beforehand.

Phil's PDA can be found in the Delta Operations area, Office D2-13.

PDA Contents[]

Audio Logs[]


Audio log for Phil Wilson, medical technician in the Delta Labs, October 20th, 2145.

Today, I witnessed the third test through the teleporter in three weeks that I've been here. Volunteers are becoming harder and harder to come by and it isn't difficult to see why. They all come back screaming like loons about demons, pools of blood. It's real fire and brimstone stuff. At first I wasn't paying much attention, just doing my job, but the last was Robert Clayton. Now, I met him my first day here. This guy chews up rocks and spits out gravel; he's tough as they come. Having to sedate him and drag his drooling body to the isolation room has really freaked me out. I'm gonna put in for a transfer as soon as I'm able.


Patient work load (10-24-2145)[]


I am going to need you to help me next week with my work. I've got so many files and reports to enter into the computer that I don't have time to actually see my patients. I will box up some of my paper work and send it over to you, if you could enter the reports into the computer that would surely help me.

Thank You,
Dr. Peter Raleigh