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Paul M. Simons (Identification Number: 2463-21) was an IT security specialist assigned to the Administration Complex on Mars. When the UAC network's security on Mars was breached a few weeks before the demon invasion, Simons looked into it and found the intrusion originated from the Delta Complex.

PDA Contents[]

Audio Logs[]

ADMIN: Network Security Status[]

This is Paul Simons, security specialist in IT.

Our network security has been breached several times over the last few days. Now, it looks like it may have been going on longer than that but whoever did this really knew what they were doing. They covered their tracks really well. I just happened to notice some log anomalies or it would still be going on. The intrusion came on an encrypted carrier signal from the Delta Complex. They piggybacked the virus on one of the supercomputer request and it peeled itself from the data stream once it was inside our firewall. Someone on the inside there has to be responsible. Unfortunately, due to security in that complex, I can only tell it came from within Delta. There's no way to identify which machinery, even which lab, it came from. Whoever was in our system had access to all personal data including... medical reports. My team will be monitoring the network closely in the next few days, looking for anything unusual.

End of log.


Network Breach (11-02-2145)[]

Mr. Simons.

We have been unable to find any problems with the network test that we ran on your system. Everything checks out on our end, your firewall seems to be functioning properly. Other IT managers have reported similar intrusions in their networks. Whomever is doing this must be good or someone with very high level security clearance. We will continue to scan the network and if anything odd appears we will inform you immediately.

Central IT Security

Email Spam (11-13-2145)[]

The email spam lately is getting out of control. The worst company is that Martian Buddy place -I can't believe all the things they send me. I don't know how they got my email address. Can't you do anything to stop the spam? I spend all morning deleting junk from my inbox.

Thank You,