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Paul Corfiatis is an Australian WAD designer and musician who has been creating WADs since 1996 and has contributed work on many of his own projects such as The Twilight Zone 1 and 2, 2002ADO and the Death Tormention series. He has created over 200 individual levels and several megawads in his lifetime and also composes the music for some of his addons. Even though most of his wads are outstanding some have been highly criticized though, due to deliberate poor quality to resemble a jokewad, etc. Outside of WAD designing, Paul plays basketball and is an avid trance musician and producer and also enjoys writing and composing music.

Paul and Kristian Aro released a 32 level megawad named Whispers of Satan on September 15, 2009. Zone 300 followed in 2013 and in 2015 Paul released Doomed Space Wars, a 9 level episode with 3 secret levels for Zdoom.

Major Releases[]

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