Orcs and Elves uses the Doom II RPG engine. Here is it the games script.

Introduction (Mobile version)

An Orc army has joined with a Dark Elf sect known as the Vaettir, shat-tering King Brahm's Dwarven forces. Your talk-ing Wand's ancient magic has led you to Brahm Hall to investigate strange messages and to find King Brahm. What you find is worse than ever suspected. As son of Eol, the Elven adventurer and friend to the King, your duty is to find the root of this treachery. Your Wand is weak-ened but its power grows as you near a source of its magic. The Wand is familiar with this land's dialect so it will speak for you as needed. Use and lisen to the Wand well. It is the key to your success!

Raw Script (Mobile version)

À_¯_â____Strength_Strength Ring_Strength +25%._Ac-cu-ra-cy_Ac-cu-ra-cy Ring_Ac-cu-ra-cy +25%._De-fense_De-fense Ring_De-fense +25%._Regen_Regen Ring_Health +2 per turn._Force_Force Ring_Knockback +2: 12% chance._Fortitude_Fortitude Ring_Max Health +50%._Intimidate_Intimidate Ring_Fear 3--5 turns: 12% chance._Sarbok's Ring_Strength +10|De-fense +10|Ac-cu-ra-cy --15._Ar-mor Kit_Re-pairs ar-mor by 75 points._Leath-er_Leath-er Ar-mor_Sim-ple leath-er ar-mor._Chainmail_Chainmail Ar-mor_Flex-i-ble, in-ter-linked rings._Elven Mail_Elven Armor_Fine mail im-bued with Elven mag-ic._Drgn Scale_Dragon Scale_Dense-ly lay-ered drag-on scales._Champ's Brew_Cham-pi-on's Brew_Strength +15, Ac-cu-ra-cy +15, De-fense +15 for 30 turns._Bolts_Crossbow Bolts_Craft-ed by Dwarven bow-yers._Phoe-nix Eggs_Un-leash flame blasts when shat-tered a-gainst en-e-mies. Don't stand too close!_Breath_Dragon's Breath_Art-i-fact ammo_TALK|Press OK (key 5) to talk to any-one with a chat icon._RUNE LOCK|To un-lock, press OK (key 5) then use the di-rec-tion keys to in-put a code. Wrong codes will dam-age you._BAR-RI-CADE|Smash it with your sword._WIELD WAND|The Wand has vi-tal in-for-ma-tion for you. Press * or key 7 to ready your Wand._FOOD|Food in-stant-ly re-stores some health._GOLD|Gather gold to pur-chase items lat-er on._NOTE|Note ad-ded to your Quest Log. Press MENU (key 0) then sel-ect "Quest Log" to read it._OBSTACLE|Smash it with your sword._ACTIVE PORTAL|Step in-to an act-ive Fire Portal to be trans-port-ed._INACTIVE PORTAL|Vis-it other lev-els to act-iv-ate port-als in the Dragon's Lair._DOOR|Press OK (key 5) to open doors. Un-lock locked doors._CRYS-TALS|Press OK (key 5) to re-store your health and your Wand's pow-er us-ing the mag-ic crys-tals._ARMOR LOW|Armor status is shown at bot-tom of screen. If it reach-es 0, ar-mor can-not de-flect dam-age. Re-pair ar-mor with Ar-mor Kit (Press MENU [key 0] then sel-ect "Items" then "Other")._We face Gaya, the great drag-on-ess of Mount Zharr-kar-ag ... she is not our en-e-my!!_Move clos-er to con-verse with Gaya._Elli, we are in the pres-ence of a Dragon! You must keep your weap-ons sheathed, for any show of force could be fa-tal._Wand_Ellon con-sumes en-er-gy when used and re-gains en-er-gy while stowed. Its pow-er in-creas-es as you delve deep-er in-to the moun-tain._Sword_Cuts down en-e-mies, de-stroys ob-sta-cles and breaks chests._Flam-ing Sword_Use on foes who are weak to fire._Vor-pal Sword_Slic-es foes with ease._Cross-bow_Launch-es dead-ly bolts._Hvy Crossbow_Heavy Crossbow_De-liv-ers bolts with ter-rif-ic force._War Bow_Its mag-ic can knock back foes._Me-du-sa Scroll_A gaze so hor-rif-ic that some foes may turn to stone.|WARN-ING: Not for use while un-der the in-flu-ence of Ale._Dg Breath_Spews dragon flame at near-by tar-gets. Ob-tain more re-serves from Gaya._War Ham-mer_King Brahm's leg-en-dar-y ham-mer, Abraxas. When fac-ing one en-e-my, its smash knocks them back. When sur-round-ed, its spin at-tack hits all ad-ja-cent en-e-mies. The War Ham-mer and Wand use the same en-er-gy source._Orc Recruit_Shadow Orc_Orc Raider_Orc Berserker_Ratling_Shadow Ratling_Rat_Shadow Rat_Prowler_Shadow Prowler_Mimic_Oak Mimic_Scarlet Mimic_Weaver_Shadow Weaver_Recluse_Shadow Recluse_Wid-ow_Shadow Widow_Wraith_Void Wraith_Dread Wraith_Slime_Shadow Slime_Big Slime_Great Slime_Shadow_Phantom_Penumbra_Worg Pup_Shadow Pup_Warhound_Shadow Warhound_Cerebus_Shadow Cerebus_Troll_Shadow Troll_Crusher_Shadow Crusher_Shaker_Shadow Shaker_Vaettir Drone_Shadow Drone_Conjurer_Shadow Conjurer_Necromancer_Shadow Necromancer_Gargoyle_Shadow Gargoyle_Guardian_Shadow Guardian_Sentinel_Shadow Sentinel_Tracker_Shadow Tracker_Stalker_Shadow Stalker_Assassin_Shadow Assassin_Filch_Bruul_Sonya_Kai'Laria_Dwarven Ghost_King Brahm_Prisoner_Dwarven Ale_Strength +10, De-fense +10, Ac-cu-ra-cy --15 for 40 turns, and also re-stores 20 health._Health_Health Po-tion_Health +40._Lg. Health_Health +80._Strength Po-tion_Strength +10 for 30 turns._Ac-cu-ra-cy Po-tion_Ac-cu-ra-cy +10 for 30 turns._De-fense Po-tion_De-fense +10 for 30 turns._Haste_Haste Po-tion_1 extra ac-tion per turn for 10 turns._Rem-e-dy_Rem-e-dy Po-tion_Im-mune to ef-fects for 5 turns._Troll's Blood_Health +5 per turn for 30 turns._Avoid-ance_Avoid-ance Po-tion_Im-munity to next 4 attacks, lasts up to 30 turns._In-vis-i-bil-i-ty_In-vis. Po-tion_In-vis-i-ble to most foes for 10 turns._Scroll_Pile of Coins_Bag of Coins_Roasted Meat_Hunk of Meat_Wid-ow Stone_With Sonya's de-feat, this gem finds a new own-er._Dragon's Eye_None can pen-e-trate the mys-tery of this oc-u-lar phan-tasm._Al-exa's Heart_This gem hon-ors Ruslan Alexa, who sealed the first al-li-ance be-tween Hu-mans and Dwarves._Fire_Table_Chair_Magic Seal_Broken Table_Rubble Pile_Ped-es-tal_Dwarf Statue_Treasure Chest_Ornate Chest_Fire Portal_Gargoyle Statue_Dragon Statue_Stalagmites_Reliquary_Healing Crystal_Lever_Barricade_Written Message_Gaya_Door_Locked Door_Unlocked Door_Red Rune Door_Blue Rune Door_Green Rune Door_Fire Portal Door_Exit_Exit Door_Red Rune Lock_Blue Rune Lock_Green Rune Lock_NONOBSPRITEWALL_SPRITEWALL_PLAYER_WORLD__

?-_ VH__ åO_Log of Nestri_To Prison_Entrance Door_MAGICAL MAP|The Wand tracks you with a magic map. To ac-cess it press # or MENU (key 0) and pick "View Map". You can move in the map. Exit map if things block you._Step into the Fire Portal with-out fear._Door Unlocked_Lever jammed_Log of Nestri|--Day 1: Orcs have at-tacked!|--Day 10: Been bar-ri-cad-ed 'ere with-out food an' wa-ter. We know not our en-e-mies?|--Day 14: Me end is near? many mon-sters com-in' out-ta the wall?_The code to the Red Rune Door be ‚ŒƒŒŒ_The code to the Red Rune Door is ‚ŒƒŒŒ_We're too ill--pre-pared? Find a Fire Portal and jump in-to it. I will use my mag-ic to take us where we can get more sup-plies._Halt! Be ye friend or foe?_We are friends of King Brahm and have trav-eled far. What has hap-pened here?_Orcs sur-prised us in the night, helped by sum pow-er-ful, dark mag-ic. Took all our strength to keep the fight above so them mon-sters would-n't go down be-low._We must find King Brahm!_If ye must go, 'ware of them foul beasts! I'll un-lock the door?_Thank you for the com-bi-na-tion Œ‚ŒƒŒ„_The code to the Blue Rune Door is Œ‚ŒƒŒ„_?_What be an elf doin' 'ere?_He's not an elf, he's a half--breed, and Dwarf friend-ly. But who are you?_I be Nestri, in charge of guard-in' the door o'er there._Nestri_Me bruth-ers 'ave gone down be-low. That Blue Rune Door'll take ye. The com-bi-na-tion be Œ‚ŒƒŒ„_What are ye doin' here? Ti's not safe!_We know! Help us find a Fire Portal._Thar be one by the Red Rune Door. I'd tell ye the code, but me mem-o-ry be? oh, I wrote the code on a scroll!_Fol-low me? let's find that scroll._Hmmm? where did I put that scroll? Ah yes! This way!_Near tha Red Rune Door be two torch-es next to each oth-er. Take a good look in-be-tween, ye might find some-thing wurth yer time._Time fer me to git goin'?_1234_Al-read-y Un-locked_2311_INTRODUCTION|You stand at the en-trance of Brahm Hall. You have a sword, leath-er ar-mor, and your Wand. Tip: For help, or to save the game, press MENU (key 0).__To Great Hall_To En-trance Hall_The pri-son is flood-ed? Be cau-tious!_Gaya may of-fer some-thing for this gem. Let's go back to the Fire Portal and vi-sit her._Who are ye? What yer doin' 'ere?_We are friends and wish to help._If ye wants to help ye'll need to drain the wa-ter and un-lock some doors. Find the 3 lev-ers and pull them in any order._I'll un-lock this door fer ye but be care-ful o' nasty crea-tures in-side!_Find and use all 3 le-vers to drain the wa-ter._Davak's Log|Red Rune Door code is „Œ‚ŒƒŒ_The code to the Red Rune Door is „Œ‚ŒƒŒ_We're bein' o'er-run? We need to reach the exit? The com-bi-na-tion fer the Blue Rune Door is ƒŒŒƒŒ‚ The code to the Blue Rune Door is ƒŒŒƒŒ‚ Water level lower-ed. 2 more lev-ers to go! Water level lower-ed. 1 more lev-er to go! Prison Drained! Pulled Lev-er Lev-er jammed We must drain the wa-ter to use the Rune Lock. 4231 Al-read-y Un-locked 3132 Sonya REMINDER|To save press MENU (key 0) and sel-ect "Save Game". Keep po-tions close at hand, we may need them. Sarbok Ale Press Lev-er Ale Press Man-u-al Dwermor Stat-ue Galag Stat-ue Sarbok Stat-ue Skor Stat-ue Koben Stat-ue Thornton Stat-ue Souren Stat-ue Derein Stat-ue Store-house To Cat-a-combs To Prison You have TOO MUCH ALE! Ale Press Closed Re-trieve ale first Dwermor the Ro-tund. Re-nowned for his hu-mor and for his ap-pe-tite. Galag the Ver-bose. A story-tel-ler with-out peer. [Crude Scrawl]|This dun look like like me, and I ain' dead yet! --Sarbok Souren the Butch-er. Never cook-ed a meat we couldn't eat. Thornton the Thick. Thought he was a drunk-ard? he was just con-fused. Koben the Kind. Re-stored the peace to many drunk-en cel-e-bra-tions. Derein the En-ter-tain-er. His an-tics will be sore-ly missed. Skor the Scourge. Fin-ish-ed off more Orcs than ale casks. Filch Crusher activated! MOVING WALLS|Walls move after your turn. Avoid them! Press 9 to skip a turn and wait for a wall to move. Tip: Save now! Press MENU (key 0) then pick "Save Game". Crusher deactivated! Lev-er Jammed Re-mains of Bastek the Elas-tic, re-nowned Dwarven con-tor-tion-ist. 3323 Al-read-y Un-locked 2222 3221 "Ale Press" Usage|1: Pull switch.|2: Git yer ale.|3: Use ag-ain if ye have less than 3 ale casks. Be-ware of greed? Hello! *hic-cup* Ye can't get in with da door *burb* locked. Let me guess? you'll un-lock it for a drink? *hic-cup* He-he-he? YEP! Ye know what to do? drink a cask of ale, if you have one. That be a good fel-low? *hic-cup* lemme un-lock that door fer ye. Sarbok here? be ye Brahm's friend I been hear-in' of? Yes, we are. I am Ellon, and my wield-er is Elli. Can you help us? Nice to meet you? Ellu? My name is Ellon. Ohhhh? Yes, yes? Eloi? It's Ellon? Righhht? yer? Eol! *sigh* That's Elli's father? I'm Ellon!! Ach, me head! I don' get *hic-cup* them elvish names? Them E's an' L's? *burp* BAH! Fair-ie names! I be in charge *hic-cup* o' the Red Rune Door. Course can't re-mem-ber the code to that door? We would be grate-ful for your help. I kin share *hic-cup* the code to the Green Rune Door fer sum ale? Where can we find ale? *hic-cup* There be an Ale Press be-yond the Blue Rune Door. *burp* Care-ful o' the crush-er though? The code fer tha Blue Rune Door be ƒŒ‚Œ‚Œ_The code to the Blue Rune Door is ƒŒ‚Œ‚Œ_Drink a cask of Dwarven Ale with Sarbok._*hiccup* Some weap-ons work better 'gainst some mon-sters._Not help-in' till ye has a drink with me? so bring a cask of ale back 'ere, drink it, and then we'll talk._Ye've found some ale!_Now drink it from your in-ven-to-ry and I'll help ye!_That's a good lad? the code fer the Green Rune Door be ƒŒƒŒ‚Œƒ_The code to the Green Rune Door is ƒŒƒŒ‚Œƒ_I needs to find me-self an-oth-er drink-sie in the Ale Keep. *hic-cup* Come find me there if ye be need-in' an-y-thing else._*hiccup* I be need-in' an-oth-er drink-sie! *hic-cup* Lemme open that door to yer right *burp* so ye can joins me in a toast!_Ummm? *hic-cup* Sarbok? umm, yes? that be me. An' you be Eloo? *hic-cup* An' I be the keep-er of the ale, o' course._We must open the gates in the main hall._I'll help ye! *hic-cup* But firssst? ye gotsa have 2 drinks with me this time. Plen-ty to go 'round? grAB A DRINK-SIE!_I'm *hic-cup* not gonna help ye's out till ye have 2 drinks with *hic-cup* me's._That be a mighty fine thing to do? *hic-cup* drink-in' good ale with me. *hic-cup* Com-BI-NA-TION to tHE REd RUNE DOOR be ‚Œ‚Œ‚Œ‚ ? A SWITCH iN tHAR roOM OPENS the GATES ye wANTS. *hiccup* GOTSA gO! The code to the Red Rune Door is ‚Œ‚Œ‚Œ‚ Great! That was so loud, we'll have eve-ry mon-ster in the area on us. Pre-pare your-self! Go to the Dragon's Lair for sup-plies be-fore head-ing into the Cat-a-combs. Ale Press Sarbok To Great Hall To Throne Room Gavar Stat-ue Drago Stat-ue Un-known Stat-ue Silan Stat-ue Olak Stat-ue Edren Stat-ue Fedar Stat-ue King's Pedestal Golath Stat-ue Rolhad Stat-ue Ignok Stat-ue Ur Stat-ue Elgar Stat-ue Barak Stat-ue Ithcor Stat-ue Bain Stat-ue Fundor Stat-ue Bruin Stat-ue Bone Vault Se-cret Door Found! Lev-er is Jammed! Here lies Gavar the Bold. Showed great strength dur-ing The Great Raid. Here lies Golath the Vigil-ant. Set the fin-est ex-am-ple for all of the King's Guard. Here lies Rolhad, whose brav-er-y had no match at the Jour-ney of Souls. *The in-scrip-tion has been worn off.* Here lies Drago the Chef. The best cook to ever grace the in-side of this moun-tain. Here lies Silan the Hunt-er. Mas-tered stray Worgs, and skinned those she could not tame. Here lies Olak the Bard. Com-posed the his-tory of our kin so we may live through the ages. Here lies Fedar the Young. Be-lov-ed son of Nestri and Helgamarr. Slain be-fore his time. Here lies Edren, the fin-est?*rest of in-scrip-tion worn off* *Ma-jes-tic Ped-es-tal for the Stat-ue of King Brahm* Here lies Elgar the? *rest of in-scrip-tion worn off* Stat-ue of Barak the Wise. All would be lost with-out his car-to-graphy. Here lies Ithcor the Strong. Hunt-ed beasts with his bare hands. Here lies Bain the Schol-ar. May his craft live long in our works. The re-mains of Fundor be here. Here lies Bruin the In-vok-er. The only Dwarf to ever? *in-scrip-tion un-fin-ished* Here lies Ignok the Ma-son. Chief Ar-chi-tect to King Brahm. Here lies Ur the El-der. Ad-vis-or to Kings. Webs hide spi-ders fer fight-in'? thar's re-ward fer yer smit-in'? 3142 Al-read-y Un-locked Here lies Sarlok, fa-ther to Sarbok and great-est ale keep-er. Hel-lo again, Elvis! *hic-cup* It be me, Sarbok! Sam-ple me spec-ial brew? *sigh* It's Ellon. Can you un-lock the door over there? Sure? *hic-cup* but I dun like to drink alone! So first 'ave some ale with me. If ye wants tha door open, ye'll have to drink a cask of ale. Ye can git more from the Ale Press in the Great Hall if ye dun drank eve-ry-thing 'ere. That's the lad! Now let me go an'? huh?!? Vile Crea-tures! *burrrp* USE THE ME-DU-SA SCROLL! The name's Kregir. An' who might ye be? Kregir We are friends of King Brahm and need to find him. Why should I trust ye? Ye'll 'ave to prove your loy-al-ty to win me help. Thar be some bad things in these cat-a-combs? Take care of 'em and I might trust ye with some in-for-ma-tion. Ye kin start with whut's behind the Red Rune Door. The code fer that door is ƒŒŒ„Œ‚ The code to the Red Rune Door is ƒŒŒ„Œ‚ He-he-he? sure showed them! I sup-pose I can help ye. King Brahm's tomb be over there. An ar-ti-fact in the tomb will be of use to ye. King Brahm's TOMB? If ye be true friends of King Brahm, ye should know that them mon-sters killed us all? even our King! Dark mag-ic did 'im in while he slept. DEAD?!? Where is the King's body? Where is the King's spirit? WE MUST FIND HIM! Easy there? no one be more an-gered by his death than Kregir. Took me own life so no evil would learn o' the King's bur-i-al place. Sumthin evil trapped our spir-its in this place, but I have-n't bin able to find the King. Per-haps ye can find him? We'll do our best! Thar be a back way into the Throne Room from these 'ere cat-a-combs. Head through King Brahm's tomb and ye'll see the switch fer it. Now let me go open the tomb fer ye? ? I'll head down the moun-tain to find me kin. There be strange crea-tures in that room. This Dwarf be mighty glad if ye could git 'em. Me name be Kozzer, by the way. Kozzer We will kill those beasts. In re-turn, please tell Kregir of our deed so we can prove our loy-al-ty to King Brahm. I can do that fer ye. There be strange creat-ures about? rais-in' corp-ses and turn-in' them in-to Shad-ow beasts. We can make them re-gret ever hav-ing set foot on this moun-tain. Be care-ful! Be-fore me death, I trapped a crea-ture be-hind that door o'er there. There's al-so a lev-er in da next room ye shouldn't miss. I'll un-lock this door fer ye. Montague King Brahm Hex-break-er Verse Cryp-tic Note Brik's Trunk Bain's Trunk Gunis' Trunk Kregir's Trunk Brak's Trunk Kozzer's Trunk Olak's Trunk Jem's Trunk Thoris' Trunk Montague's Trunk Ignok's Trunk Silan's Trunk Sarbok's Trunk Emer-gen-cy Trunk Guild Dues To Cat-a-combs To The Pit Arch-ery Range Throne Room Found Hex-break-er verse! HEX-BREAK-ER VERSE|This mag-ic re-make? Its pur-pose per-plex HEX-BREAK-ER VERSE|Dark pow-er we break? Undo the hex You found Jem's ring! Have at ya, beast-ie! I'll have yer head! Come back 'ere, cow-ard! Halt! What's yer busi-ness here? We come to serve King Brahm. Why did'n ya say so? Montague is me name? Cham-pi-on o' the King. Didja see how I wal-loped that Orc? Erm? ghosts? can't fight? Ghosts?! Them's only fa-bles ta scare young-'uns. No such thing. He doesn't seem to know? Now let's show 'em the pointy end o' our blades! A note en-crypt-ed in an an-cient tongue? The brutes can pound? Til they fall down? The doors will hold? Til they grow old? For the only way in? Is the switch hid-den? The note says to find a hid-den switch. Out-er doors opened Out-er doors sealed Did Mon-ta-gue pass through here? Not even tha one kin break thru tha mag-ic seals on these doors. King Brahm? his spirit be trapped in thar? Brik 'n Brak be sworn to guard 'ere room 'til the mag-ic seals be bro-ken Brik Brak We've braved many dan-gers to reach King Brahm. Is there no way past the mag-ic seals? Ya might ask Montague 'bout tha Hex-break-er, if ya kin dis-tract tha poor lad frum his il-lu-sions o' gran-deur. Get the Hex-break-er for the guards. Find Montague an' go look fer tha Hex-break-er. Git goin'! We've found one verse of the Hex-break-er! Montague'll help ye find tha rest. He passed 'ere on his way north. 'Ave ya found all o' the Hex-break-er yet? Git mov-in'! We now have two vers-es of the Hex-break-er. Tha Hex-break-er ain't gonna werk with-ou' all three vers-es. ? We've com-plet-ed the Hex-break-er? Fantas'ic! Face tha ac-curs-ed seal 'n say tha in-can-ta-tion. All right, here we go? An-cients for-sake? These seals that vex? This mag-ic re-make? Its pur-pose per-plex? Dark pow-er we break? Undo the hex! Hex-break-er com-plete! We'll re-mem-ber what ya dun fer our King. By tha Great-er Depths! Why'dja bust down me bar-ri-cade? We need your help to find King Brahm. Brahm's sealed in 'is Throne Room by dark sor-cery. Ye'll need tha Hex-break-er ta re-move that mag-ic. Part o' tha Hex-break-er is hid-den else-where in tha treas-ury. Tha code fer tha Red Rune Door be „Œ„ŒƒŒƒ. Hope ye finds it! The code to the Red Rune Door is „Œ„ŒƒŒƒ_Ob-tain the Hex-break-er_We need your help to get into the Throne Room._Find whut yer look-in' fer on tha oth-er side o' that Red Door._Move along._Go on!_We found the Hex-break-er. Now what?_Tha's only one verse, but now tha treas-ur-y's safe, we kin fight our way to tha next part._Can't you float through some wall to get it?_Are ya daft? Dwarves can't float thru walls!_Enough o' this gib-ber-ish? CHARGE!_Good? ya found me. We ven-ture inta Dwarven bar-racks next._Inta tha breach we go!_4433_Al-read-y un-locked_First vault opened_Lev-er is jammed!_Sec-ond vault opened_Third vault opened_Exit opened_Seems an eter-ni-ty?_I've been trapped 'ere?_If only some-one?_Could re-lease me?_HEX-BREAK-ER VERSE|An-cients for-sake? These seals that vex_We must ask Montague what to do with this._Par-don us, good sir, have you seen Montague?_Be ye daft? Thar t'aint no SIR 'round 'ere!_Would you pre-fer Mas-ter Dwarf?_THAT DOES IT, ya talk-in' twig! Pack off to tha knot-hole which ye squirmed outta, an take yer Elfie wit ya!_Please, good sir, we must find Montague?_Did yer moth-er never teach ye how to ad-dress a LADY?!_But? the beard? the stur-dy mus-cles?_Aye, I be as proud o' them as any Dwarven wom-an could be. Thes'r true marks o' beau-ty among Dwarven kin._Jem_My apol-o-gies -- a mis-un-der-stand-ing. We'd tru-ly ap-pre-ci-ate your help to find Montague._That one passed through yell-in' sum-thin bout un-fin-ished busi-ness in The Pit. I sup-pose tha's where he's off ta._With-out him we may not be able to com-plete the Hex-break-er? Might you be able to help us? my lady?_I kin help ye if ye finds me ring. Bring Jem's Ring 'ere fer me help._Re-turn Jem's Ring to Her_'Ave ya found me ring yet?_Yes, good si? good lady. Here is the ring._Ahh? tis love-ly. Pity, with-ou' a solid fin-ger ta wear it? bet-ter that ya keep it. It'll help ya fight them Orcs._Now fer tha other matter? I hid whut ya seek in me oven._Well, take care. I'm off ta see about Montague._Ambush!_King Brahm, we ar-rived too late?_Mourn me not, thar weren't nothin' that could be done._We wish to avenge your death!_Dun want ta cause me friend's son, or yer de-mise li'l wand. *sigh* Eol an' I wield-ed such great pow-er when we took on ar-mies!_Abraxas! Let Elli wield the War Ham-mer! With both of us, the boy will pre-vail!_Tha two o' ya DID make quite a team!_Heed me well then? I'll open tha pas-sage ta Abraxas, but ye'll 'ave ta seize it from tha guard-i-ans._Once ya finds Abraxas, get to The Pit. Tha Orc lead-er, Bruul, set up base there. He'll be pay-in' fer want-in' me moun-tain!_Find Abraxas! U-nit-ed, our pow-ers are great but it is cost-ly. We share the same mag-ic so our en-er-gy will drain fas-ter._Good luck! I'll try ta meet ya below but first I must learn what has become o' me Dwarves._Gone? Gone? Gone?_The War Ham-mer knows the King is dead! Must have been Abraxas who sum-moned us? we were too late!_Let us avenge King Brahm. Seize Abraxas!__Montague_Bruul_To Throne Room_To Twi-light Cav-ern_Montague? What are you doing down here?_We need ta find an' kill tha great Orc, Bruul._But you? um? never mind. Lead the way!_Tha's tha spir-it! On-ward!_These things be get-tin' hard-er ta kill, or me sword be get-tin' dull. They're jest not goin' down!_Don't wor-ry, Montague. We'll take care of this._Non-sense! We'll fight to-geth-er! Let's go!_Trolls can be a pain? but ya seem ta be doin' good. Let us press on!_Wait, Monta--_Whew? them crit-ters kin take a beat-in'! Ye might want ta re-sup-ply before we move on._I sense trou-ble? or a trap._Non-sense! Orcs ain't smart enough fer that._Re-mem-ber, the War Ham-mer has two at-tacks -- a smash at-tack that'll crush the en-e-my in front of ya, and a spin at-tack fer when ya be sur-round-ed._Bruul's gotta be 'ere some-where. When you're ready, take 'em head on. I'll git be-hind 'em!_This isn't over! Kai'Laria, HELP ME!_I got 'ere as fast as I could. What did I miss?!_Uh, not much._Thar be treas-ures in tha next room. Thar be an exit too? must lead to tha very depths o' tha moun-tain._Uhh? thanks, I guess._Heh, that Bruul sure was a -- HEY! Lookit that body o'er thar! Looks fa-mil-iar?_IT'S ME BODY! I AM dead! T'was won-der-in' why all them crea-tures hadn't died by me hand?_Montague, you have served your King well and should be proud of what you have done._Thank ye. I know ye kin take care of yer-self, but be care-ful? Bruul wasn't tha end o' this threat. Some dark mag-iks still be at work._We'll heed your ad-vice. Fare-well, Montague!_PRE-PARE TO DIE!_KILL HIM!_You're the ones I keep hear-ing about? the ones who've been slaying the Orcs? the ones ru-in-ing our plan!_THE ONES WHO WILL AVENGE KING BRAHM!_You'll need more than a smart mouth to de-feat me. My Orc army will de-stroy you!_Doesn't mat-ter how many Orcs you send to do your dirty work? you'll pay for what you did._Haha-haha! You think I'm re-spon-si-ble for? HAH-HAA-HAA? you have no idea what you're deal-ing with! But enough talk? pre-pare to die!_You may be wor-th fight-ing yet!_You aren't wor-th spit!_My pa-tience has run out. I'll take care of you my-self. Pre-pare to meet your DOOM!_Scroll!__Sarbok_Nestri_To The Pit_Lev-er Jammed!_*hic-cup* Hel-lo, Ellon! An' well done, Elli!_Sarbok? you've re-mem-bered our names!_He-he-he? *hic-cup* bin hear-in' 'bout the two of yer kill-in' them foul crea-tures all over. *burp* Be hard to for-get yer names now!_We still have to find this Kai'Laria?_Well, git goin' then. *burrp* But be care-ful of that witch. It'll take all of yer strength to de-feat her!_Good luck! *hic-cup*_Ye dun good!_Thank you, but we have yet to fin-ish the job._It won't be easy? Kai'Laria be a for-mi-da-ble op-po-nent._Don't wor-ry, we will stop her._I don't doubt it? good luck!_Ye'll have to find an-oth-er way 'round. This lev-er be jammed._Any ide-as, Nestri?_Try ex-plorin' be-yond the bar-ri-cades. As fer me, I'll bring more of me bruth-ers down 'ere to help!_He strikes me down! How can this be?!_I guess you didn't know that Abraxas and I were forged by a Wiz-ard!_AAaai-EEEE!_Now what?_Thank ye! We're free o' the witch's curse an' can reach the next world in peace. Ye'll be re-mem-bered as he-roes and friends of Dwarves._It's been an hon-or to fight for you, King Brahm. The Dwarven race lost a great lead-er, but your name will not be for-got-ten._Eol should be proud of his son, an' of ye, lit-tle one._*snif-fle* Will we ever see you and your fine Dwarves again?_I'm cer-tain of it. But fer now, it be time fer us to go. Be well!_Good-bye, my friends!_Argh?_HAHA-HAHA!_I am more pow-er-ful_in spir-it than in_flesh and blood!_Now you will never_van-quish me!_I AM UN-STOP-PA-- HUH!?!_W--what is this?!_You, you can't?_You're?_Noooooooooo!_Kai'Laria_You dare chal-lenge me?! When I un-leash my army, you will see no end to my pow-ers! My mag-iks are far su-pe-ri-or to any weap-on forged by man or Dwarf. Pre-pare to die!_Kai' Laria has sent her min-ions to de-stroy us. Use Abraxas and I to bring her down? it's the only way!_We must be get-ting close to Kai'Laria. I sense her dark mag-ic.__You have brought me some-thing?_Yes, Gaya. We de-feat-ed a vi-cious Spi-der and found this gem up-on her body._In ex-change, I give you this wea-pon. It should help your ef-forts. Bring me oth-er such gems and you will be re-ward-ed._Yes, Gaya. We found this gem on a ver-min._The Dragon's Eye! I am pleased to see the re-turn of my gem. Very well done!_Thank you, Gaya._Take this weap-on and use it well. I do not give it care-less-ly. It will help de-feat en-e-mies._I sense some-thing? spe-cial. What of this?_We've de-feat-ed Bruul, the vil-lain Orc lead-er. Taking this gem from his corpse and gi-ving it to you is an ad-ded pleas-ure._You have done ex-treme-ly well. How-ever, if you ven-ture fur-ther you shall find the true vil-lain._We know not our true en-e-my?_This gem, Al-exa's Heart, was one of King Brahm's prized pos-ses-sions. I will treas-ure it as he did. In ex-change, I give you Dragon's Scale ar-mor._We en-ter the pres-ence of a great drag-on. I will keep your weap-ons sheathed, for any show of force may be fa-tal._Elli, we should search the Prison next. The por-tal is right over there._Who en-ters my lair un-in-vit-ed and un-an-nounced?!_Our apol-o-gies, great drag-on-ess. We are but hum-ble crea-tures bat-tling the foul be-ings that roam this moun-tain._A talk-ing Wand? King Brahm spoke of you and of the Elf who wields you._All have heard of you, Gaya -- the great Dragon of Mount Zharr-kar-ag is leg-end among leg-ends! The boy who wields me is the son of he whom King Brahm spoke of. Be-ing but a boy, he is ill--pre-pared to face the crea-tures be-low so we must ob-tain bet-ter arms._I see that you can nav-i-gate the boy through the Fire Portals to reach my lair. That is bold of you!_Great Gaya, we will scour the moun-tain for gems wor-thy of your fav-or. We have lit-tle to of-fer now._Clev-er Wand. I will give a fa-vor-a-ble re-turn for what lit-tle gold you have. Find and bring me the gems and I will gift you with pow-er-ful weap-ons._Thank you, Gaya. Such gifts would be in-val-u-a-ble treas-ures._Well then, let us see what we can bar-ter to-day._Let us bar-ter._A pest has ven-tured too far and must die!_Mis-tress Gaya? what have we done to of-fend?_Not you! I speak of this ver-min thief who dares steal my treas-ures!_Much bet-ter. Now, do you seek to bar-ter?_ __ž_ˆ_ø_Start Game_Options _Help _About _Exit _Continue_New Game_Back _Back _How to Play _Armor Help _Items Help _Effects Help_Credits _Resume Game_Return to the game_Items_Your inventory_Quest Log_Important notes_Save Game_Save game progress_Load Game_Restore last save_View Map_View the level map_Status_Game statistics_Help_Help with the game_Options_Configure the game_Restart Level_Load auto--save_Main Menu_Exit to main menu_No Saved Game_Back _Back_Previous menu_=HELP_How to Play_Gameplay controls_Armor Help_How to use armor_Items Help_How to use items_Icons explained_Credits_Go to Main Menu?_Save Game _Don't Save_Cancel _Try again?_Load Saved Game_Restart Level _Main Menu _Continue Playing?_Yes, Please_No Thanks! _=ITEMS_Weapons_Your weapons_Potions_Your potions_Rings_Your rings_Other_Ale, Kits, Gems_€WEAPONS€_€AMMO€_=RINGS_=POTIONS_=OTHER_Potion not used:_Maximum Health_Ok_Kit not used:_Maximum Armor_Maximum Effect_Done Shopping_Leave shop_=DRAGON_Purchase weapons_Armor_Purchase armor_Purchase rings_Purchase potions_=WEAPONS_=ARMOR_Can't hold more_of that item. _Not enough gold!_=RANKING_Press OK to_continue _Stats_Change Map_=_Level Up_Give all_Give map_Noclip_Disable AI_God mode_showLoc_r_frames_r_speeds_skipCull_skipStretch_skipBSP_skipLines_skipBlocks_skipSprites_onlyRender_skipDecals_skip2DSpr_simpleRast_Total:_Init:_Cur:_Free:_Avail:_Startup:_Map:_Sprites:_Lines:_Nodes:_Texels:_Shapes:_Palettes:_RTotal:_Sound:_Vibrate:_Toggle vibration_Toggle sound___þ__ ______

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