Orcs & Elves II was another game built on the Doom RPG engine. Below is the game's script.

Raw transcript

TALK|Press OK (key 5) to talk to char-ac-ters with chat bub-bles._LOCKED OB-JECT|Locked treas-ure chests and doors can be un-locked with a lock pick, key, or lev-er. Press OK (key 5) to pick the lock._LOCK PICK-ING|Press each di-rec-tion key un-til you dis-cover which tum-bler fits the first slot; the slot lights up yel-low to in-di-cate the cor-rect choice. Press the same di-rec-tion key again to set that tum-bler, and the slot lights green. Con-tin-ue till all tum-blers are set._BAR-RI-CADE|Smash it with staff or sword._FOOD|Food in-stant-ly re-stores some health._GOLD|Ga-ther gold to pur-chase items lat-er on._NOTE|Note add-ed to your Quest Log. Open menu (key 0) then se-lect Quest Log to read note._OB-STA-CLE|Smash it with staff or sword._DOOR|Press OK (key 5) to open a door. Some doors must be un-locked be-fore you can open them._AR-MOR LOW|The shield icon at the bot-tom of the screen in-di-cates your ar-mor's ef-fect-ive-ness. At 0, it no long-er pro-tects you. To re-pair ar-mor, open menu (key 0), se-lect In-ven-to-ry, se-lect Oth-er, and use Ar-mor Kit._RAT EN-TRY|A hole or grate. These of-ten con-tain val-u-a-ble items._BOB IS TIRED|Bob needs rest. If you need to use him again soon, feed him Fa-mil-iar Chow for an en-er-gy boost._BOB IS BLOCKED|Not enough room -- you need at least one space in front of you to use Bob._SE-CRETS CLEARED|You have found all se-cret ar-eas in %1. Con-grat-u-la-tions!|[%2 bo-nus XP award-ed]_MON-STERS CLEARED|You have van-quished all mon-sters from %1. Su-perb!|[%2 bo-nus XP award-ed]_WEAP-ON SE-LEC-TION|Use key 7 or * to cy-cle weap-ons, or press MENU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._BACK STAB|Weap-ons deal more dam-age when at-tack-ing back--facing mon-sters. Your dag-ger is most pow-er-ful in these sit-u-a-tions._Wield an-oth-er weap-on! I won't help you! Hrumph!_Note Add-ed to your Quest Log._Page_You've fin-ished the game, bare-ly. There's still much to dis-cover._Min-or Thief_You got the job done, but we've seen bet-ter._Mas-ter Thief_Nice job! There's only one who can do bet-ter._Prince of Thieves_Among thieves who work for the forces of good, Prince of Thieves has been her-al-ded as the pinn-a-cle of achieve-ment. You are tal-en-ted enough to pick any lock made by man, dwarf or elf and you have a place of hon-or by Pa-la-dins, Kings, and even great Wiz-ards. Con-grat-u-la-tions! You are a for-mi-da-ble rogue!_Bob is tired_Too close, back up_I won't help!_I won't hurt him!_POI-SON DAG-GER|Us-ing mag-ic giv-en to them by their vile gods, the Vaet-tir en-chant-ed this dag-ger with le-thal ven-om._MOLD ORBS|Mold spores that have been col-lected with-in an orb, so that on im-pact they will make the tar-get sick._Exit Steal_To use, press MENU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._To use, press MENU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry" then "Oth-er"._Use key 7 or * to cy-cle weap-ons, or press MENU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._To wear, press MENU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._%1 Stat-ue_We're sor-ry, an err-or has oc-curred. Please try start-ing the ap-pli-ca-tion again.\n\nEr-ror De-tails:\n %1_In-suf-fi-cient Space.\nPlease de-lete\nsome files and\ntry again._Game Saved_Game Load-ed_Skip_It's too com-plex_Quick Se-lect Weap-on_Quick Se-lect Po-tion_Load-ing?_En-ter_Con-tin-ue_Noth-ing Left_Coins at max-i-mum_Stole %1 coins_Stole 1 coin_Stopped Lock-pick-ing_Al-read-y us-ing weap-on_It's a trap!_Door is Locked_Turn Passed_Health at max-i-mum_No po-tions to use!_Sor-ry!_Lock Picked!_Stop_Make Of-fer_Send Msg_De-tails_ _||_Load-ing Game_Menu_Leave_Map_More_Pro-ces-sing?_Just a mo-ment!_Mon-ster is Im-mune!_Fro-zen!_Poi-soned!_Shrunk-en!_Last Shot!_1 Shot Left_%1 Shots Left_Out of Range!_%1 dodged!_Dodged!_Missed!_%1 missed!_No ef-fect!_Back At-tack! _Back At-tack!_Crit! _%1 dam-age!_%1 healed!_Poi-son Re-sis-ted!_Poison-ed!_Mold Re-sis-ted!_Mag-ic Re-sis-ted!_Turn-ing!_Drain Re-sis-ted!_Drained!_De-flect-ed!_Shrink Re-sis-ted!_Weap-on De-flect-ed!_Weap-on Re-flect-ed!_%1 is in-tim-i-da-ted!_Fire Cleared!_%1 took %2 dam-age and died!_%1 took %2 dam-age!_Base Dam-age: %1 \n_Base Ac-cu-ra-cy: %1 \n_Ide-al Range: %1 -- %2 \n_Ide-al Range: %1 \n_\nSpecial:\nDeals Fire Dam-age.\n_\nSpecial:\nDeals poi-son dam-age over time on top of the nor-mal dag-ger dam-age.\n_\nSpecial:\nDeals mag-i-cal Dam-age.\n_\nSpecial:\nFreezes en-e-mies on im-pact.\n_\nSpecial:\nDamages en-e-mies over time with mold spores.\n_\nSpecial:\nShrinks the en-e-my for a short du-ra-tion.\n_De-flect: %1 \n_du-ra-bil-i-ty: %1 \n_For more de-tails go to "Ar-mor Help" un-der the "Help" menu._Shad-ow Orc_Shad-ow Rat-ling_Shad-ow Rat_Shad-ow Prow-ler_Shad-ow Oak_Shad-ow Pup_Shad-ow War-hound_Shad-ow Cer-e-bus_Shad-ow Troll_Shad-ow Crush-er_Shad-ow Sha-ker_Shad-ow Drone_Shad-ow Con-ju-rer_Shad-ow Nec-ro-man-cer_Shad-ow Ske-le-ton_Shad-ow Be-he-moth_It burns!_It re-al-ly burns!!_Can't hold more %1s._Got %1_Got 1 coin_Got %1 coins_Got %1 %2._Ammo at max-i-mum_Too heavy for Bob!_%1 flees!_%1 de-stroyed!_Ran-sacked Items:|_Topo's In-ven-to-ry:|_Re-li-quary Con-tents:|_Stat-ue Con-tents:|_Book-shelf Con-tents:|_Chest Con-tents:|_Pouch Con-tents:|_%1%2 gold|_%1%2x %3|_%1%2|_%1 read-ies Slam?_%1 de-vours a corpse!_%1's raise failed!_%1 rais-es %2!_%1 heals %2!_%1 poi-son_%1 fire_ dam-age!_Treas-ure Chest_Emp-ty Chest_--_Press OK_to Con-tin-ue_Wand_Ammo_Ar-mor_Health_Ring_Tar-get_Stat-us_Ef-fects_[Cur-rent Gold: %1]_Mold deals %1 dam-age!_In-suf-fi-cient health!_In-suf-fi-cient funds!_In-suf-fi-cient XP!_In-suf-fi-cient ac-cu-ra-cy!_In-suf-fi-cient de-fense!_In-suf-fi-cient strength!_Lost %1 XP!_Gained %1 XP._LEV-EL UP: %1|_Max Health: %1|_De-fense: %1|_Strength: %1|_Ac-cu-ra-cy: %1|_Health re-stored.|To see your stats press MENU (key 0) then se-lect "Stat-us"._Gained %1 health_%1 did %2 dam-age!_Near Death!_Low Health!_Out of Ammo!_Crushed!_Pain!_Found Se-cret!_Steal-ing!_Thug!_Can-cel_Se-lect_ *hic*_0.1.3.en.lg8100_Build 01_BETA_PgUp_You and Ellon have come to un-der-stand each other and even call one an-oth-er friend. Even-tu-al-ly, you must re-turn your new-found friend to his right-ful own-er, but now is not the time for an-oth-er long ad-ven-ture. For the time be-ing, Ellon has agreed to help you re-store your once beau-ti-ful city to the grand king-dom it once was. When the time comes, Ellon will be re-u-nited with his mas-ter._Dark times de-scend-ed on the Lands. With King Brahm's death, few could hold back the mon-sters from the North. Evil blan-ket-ed the West-ern most part of the Lands, and small towns were des-per-ate to sur-vive. Though young and in-ex-pe-ri-enced, you are sent to re-trieve the leg-end-ary Wand "Ellon" to aid your town. Up-on steal-ing the Wand, you dis-cov-er that its pow-ers were near-ly ex-haust-ed in Mt. Zharrkarag. The Wand must re-gain its strength over time, but this is the least of your wor-ries. The Wand re-sents you for steal-ing it and is an un-will-ing al-ly. To suc-ceed, how-ever, you must forge ahead and bat-tle to-geth-er? for the good of all._Foul Creatures!_Wand_The wand, named Ellon, con-sumes en-er-gy as you use it and re-gains en-er-gy fas-ter while stowed._Staff_Use staff to move boul-ders, break de-struc-ti-ble ob-jects such as bar-ri-cades, and at-tack en-e-mies._Flame Sword_This sword is im-bued with the Flame of Gaya's Breath. It is par-tic-u-lar-ly ef-fect-ive against foes weak to fire._Fire Bow_Fire Cross-bow_A light-weight yet pow-er-ful weap-on that laun-ches dead-ly fire bolts. Ammo may be bought from shops or found dur-ing your quest._Ki-ne-tic Bow_Ki-ne-tic Cross-bow_This bow de-livers fire bolts with pow-er-ful ki-ne-tic force. Ammo may be bought from shops or found dur-ing your quest._Poi-son Dag-ger_This mag-ic dag-ger can be used to back-stab or toss at your en-e-mies. When tossed, it will in-stant-ly re-turn to you once dam-age has been in-flic-ted upon your en-e-my. Im-bued with poi-son, a hit on en-e-mies will do dam-age over time._Bob_Fa-mil-iar_Your fa-mil-iar can scout and do min-or re-tur-ning mis-sions. It has a lim-it-ed time be-fore it re-turns to you. Fa-mil-iar Chow will in-crease its en-du-rance._Freeze Orbs_Orb free-zes en-e-my on im-pact. For 4 turns the en-e-my is fro-zen and can't move._Mold Orbs_Orb in-flicts poi-son dam-age. For 4 turns the en-e-my is in-fec-ted with mold._Shrink Orbs_Orb shrinks en-e-my on im-pact. For 4 turns, en-e-my's at-tacks are dim-in-ished._Dag-ger_This mag-ic dag-ger can be used to back-stab, toss at your en-e-mies, or strike at close range. When tossed, it will re-turn to you once dam-age has been in-flic-ted on an en-e-my._Orc Re-cruit_Orc Rai-der_Orc Ber-ser-ker_Orc_Rat-ling_Rat_Prow-ler_Were-rat_Mi-mic_Cop-per Mi-mic_Co-balt Mi-mic_Be-he-moth_Live Oak_Blood Oak_Saw-tooth Oak_Oak_Shad-ow_Phan-tom_Pen-umbra_Worg Pup_War-hound_Cer-e-bus_Worg_Troll_Crush-er_Sha-ker_Vaet-tir Drone_Con-ju-rer_Nec-ro-man-cer_Vaet-tir_Brit-tle Ske-le-ton_Ske-le-ton_Rag-ing Ske-le-ton_Wraith_Void Wraith_Dread Wraith_Topo_Kazad_Vareth_Dareth_Tree o' DOOM_Strength_Strength Ring_Strength +25\%._Ac-cu-ra-cy_Ac-cu-ra-cy Ring_Ac-cu-ra-cy +25\%._De-fense_De-fense Ring_De-fense +25\%._Re-gen_Re-gen Ring_Health +2 per turn._Force_Force Ring_Knock-back +2: 12\% chance._For-ti-tude_For-ti-tude Ring_Max Health +50\%._In-tim-i-date_In-tim-i-date Ring_Fear 3--5 turns: 12\% chance._Sarbok's Ring_Strength +10|De-fense +10|Ac-cu-ra-cy --15._Ar-mor Kit_Re-pairs ar-mor by 75 points._Leath-er_Leath-er Ar-mor_Sim-ple Leath-er ar-mor._El-ven_El-ven Mail_Fine mail im-bued with El-ven mag-ic._Dia-mond_Dia-mond Ar-mor_Near-ly in-de-struct-i-ble en-chant-ed ar-mor that can be shat-tered by a weap-on of equal or great-er strength._Lock-picks_Lock-picks Lev-el 1_Sim-ple lock-picks that can be used to open first lev-el locks. _Lock-picks Lev-el 2_Im-proved lock-picks for lev-els 1 and 2._Lock-picks Lev-el 3_Pre-cise lock-picks ca-pa-ble of open-ing locks up to lev-el 3._Lock-picks Lev-el 4_Care-ful-ly crafted lock-picks that can open all but spe-cial locks._Lock-picks Lev-el 5_Rare lock-picks that can open all locks._Dwar-ven Ale_Strength +16, De-fense +16, Ac-cu-ra-cy --24 for 30 turns._El-ven Wine_Strength +10, De-fense +10, Ac-cu-ra-cy --15 for 30 turns._Hot Meal_Health +20._Health_Health Po-tion_Health +40._Lg. Health_Lg. Health Po-tion_Health +80._Strength Po-tion_Strength +10 for 30 turns._Ac-cu-ra-cy Po-tion_Ac-cu-ra-cy +10 for 30 turns._De-fense Po-tion_De-fense +10 for 30 turns._Haste_Haste Po-tion_Ex-tra ac-tion each turn for 10 turns._Rem-e-dy_Rem-e-dy Po-tion_Clears neg-a-tive ef-fects for 5 turns._Troll's Blood_Health +5 each turn for 30 turns._Cham-pi-on Brew_Strength +15, Ac-cu-ra-cy +15, De-fense +15 for 30 turns._Avoid-ance_Avoid-ance Po-tion_Im-mu-ni-ty to next 4 at-tacks, lasts up to 30 turns._Fa-mil-iar Chow_Gives fa-mil-iar 10 ex-tra turns._Bolts_Cross-bow Bolts_Cross-bow bolts._Warp Gem_This gem can in-stant-ly tel-e-port you to any lev-el._Lev-er_Re-li-quary_Book-shelf_Tomb-stone_Sconce_Lad-der_Mes-sage_Ped-es-tal_Fire_Air Vent_Chair_Rub-ble Pile_Bar-ri-cade_Door_Locked Door_Move-able Boul-der_Small Tent_Locked Chest_Treas-ure Chest_Un-locked Door_Exit Door_Town Door_Guard Room Door_Dwarf Stat-ue_Were-rat Stat-ue_Dwarf_Sarbok_Dwar-ven Guard_Valin_Elf_Roast-ed Meat_Hunk of Meat_Exit_NONOBSPRITEWALL_SPRITEWALL_FAMILIAR_SPRITEWALL_World_Pile of Coins_Bag of Coins_Bag of Loot_Small Pouch_Tu-nic_Sou-ve-nir Tu-nic_Sou-ve-nir tu-nic print-ed: My breth-ren vis-it-ed El'Landra and all I got was this tu-nic_Glass_Wine Glass_Cheap wine glass stamped with a pic-ture El'Landra's Vine-yards_Key Ring_Wood carved key ring_Me-dal-lion_Cop-per Me-dal-lion_Cop-per Me-dal-lion em-bla-zoned with El'Landra's town crest_Game Piec-es_Game piec-es for the par-lor game Gettlenesh_Shot Glass_Hand paint-ed shot glass fea-tur-ing El'Landra's Ta-vern_Toy Arch-ery Set_Child's toy arch-ery set made out of Nar-row-root wood__|€€€€ CRE-DITS €€€€ || Orig-i-nal Story | JOHN CARMACK |KATHERINE A. KANG || Producer |KATHERINE A. KANG || Programming | JOHN CARMACK | JAH RAPHAEL | BRETT ESTABROOK | KARINA SIMONS || De-sign |KATHERINE A. KANG| MATTHEW C. ROSS | KARINA SIMONS | RICHARD DOUGLAS || Art-work | MATTHEW C. ROSS | SARAH SAGE || Mu-sic and Sound | MATTHEW C. ROSS | RICHARD DOUGLAS ||Ad-di-tion-al Sup-port| KARINA SIMONS | BENJAMIN LEWIS ||||||||||Thanks for Pla-ying!||_@HOW TO PLAY|Use the d--pad or num-ber keys to move a-round the en-vi-ron-ment and na-vi-gate men-us. Press OK (key 5) to talk, at-tack, and per-form oth-er ac-tions.||@OTH-ER|5 at-tack/talk/use|9 pass turn/skip|# view map|0 open menu/back_@HOW TO MOVE|2 move for-ward|8 move back|1 move left|3 move right|4 turn left/page up|6 turn right/page dwn||If sup-por-ted by your hand-set, you can also use the ar-row keys on your di-rec-tion-al pad to move and turn.||UP move for-ward|DOWN move back|LEFT turn/page up|RIGHT turn/page dwn_@HOW TO AT-TACK|5 at-tack/talk/use|7 next weap-on|* prev weap-on|9 pass turn/skip_@AR-MOR HELP|Ar-mor pro-tects against dam-age from en-e-mies. Qual-i-ty of ar-mor has two traits: De-flec-tion and Du-ra-bil-i-ty.||@DE-FLEC-TION|De-flec-tion is the max amount of dam-age your ar-mor pro-tects in a sin-gle at-tack.||@DU-RA-BIL-I-TY|Du-ra-bil-i-ty is the to-tal num-ber of at-tacks your ar-mor has be-fore it drops to zero. On the HUD, ar-mor's du-ra-bil-i-ty is shown next to shield icon.||If ar-mor's du-ra-bil-i-ty is low, use Ar-mor Kit to re-pair it, or pur-chase new ar-mor._@EF-FECTS LIST|| Å Ac-cu-ra-cy|| Á Avoid-ance|| Ç De-fense|| À Fa-mil-iar|| È Fro-zen|| à Haste|| É Poi-son-ed|| Ä Re-gen-er-a-tion| |  Rem-e-dy|| Ê Shrunk| | Æ Strength| _@ITEM HELP|You will en-coun-ter po-tions and oth-er items to aid your prog-ress in the game. These items may be viewed and used through the In-ven-to-ry menu. ||Us-ing an item takes one turn. Af-ter us-ing an item, if you are at-tacked, you'll re-turn to the game; oth-er-wise you can stay in the menu and con-tin-ue to use items. ||@EF-FECTS|Item ef-fects can last a num-ber of turns. Ac-tive ef-fects are shown at the right--hand side of the dis-play, along with its re-main-ing turns.||@TIPS|Rem-e-dy po-tion clears you of all neg-a-tive ef-fects.||Don't waste mon-ey on trin-kets._@LOCK PICK-ING|To in-i-ti-ate lock pick mode, face lock and press OK (key 5). Press UP (key 2), DOWN (key 8), LEFT (key 4), or RIGHT (key 6) to start set-ting the cur-rent tum-bler. Press the same key again to fin-ish set-ting the tum-bler. Con-tin-ue till all tum-blers are set.||@LOCKED OB-JECTS|Through-out the game you will find locked treas-ure chests and doors that can be un-locked with your lock picks, a key, or a lev-er._Cust-o-mer Ser-vice:|help@eamobile.com||@LEGALS|‹ 2007 id Software, Inc. All Rights Re-served. Orcs & Elves IIŒ and idŒ are trade-marks or reg-is-tered trade-marks of id Software, Inc. in the United States and/or other coun-tries. Dis-trib-uted by Electronic Arts under li-cense. EA and the EA logo are trade-marks or reg-is-tered trade-marks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the United States and/or other coun-tries. Fountainhead and the FE logo is a trade-mark of Fountainhead Entertainment, Inc. All other trade-marks are the prop-er-ties of their re-spec-tive own-ers. PLA-YER Health: Cur-rent and max health Ar-mor: ARMOR Cur-rent and max ar-mor Gold: To-tal amount of mon-ey Lev-el: Cur-rent lev-el Cur-rent XP: Your ex-pe-ri-ence points Next Lev-el XP: XP to the next lev-el De-fense: Af-fects dam-age re-ceived Strength: Af-fects dam-age dealt Ac-cu-ra-cy: Af-fects chance to hit THIS LEV-EL Time: Time spent on this lev-el Se-crets: Se-crets found / to-tal Mon-sters: Mon-sters killed / to-tal Turns: Turns on this lev-el XP Gained: XP gained this lev-el OVER-ALL STA-TIS-TICS To-tal time spent pla-ying To-tal turns Deaths: Total number of deaths To-tal Gold: Net gold acquired Gold Spent: Gold bar-tered Heav-i-est Blow: Most dam-aging attack To-tal Dam-age: Total dam-age dealt Corpses Gib-bed: Num-ber of corpses gib-bed Turns Drunk: To-tal turns spent drunk! Times Jailed: Total times in-car-cer-at-ed Pick-pocket: Total ci-vil-ian thefts Lock Skill: Lock pick-ing accuracy FAVORITES WEAP-ON Weap-on: Your weap-on of choice None Po-tion: Your fa-vor-ite po-tion Ring: Your pre-ferred ring 100\% KILLS 100\% SE-CRETS None Con-tin-ue New Game Op-tions Con-fig-ure the game Game Help Help with the game About Exit Back Back Re-turn to pre-vi-ous menu How to Play Basic controls How to Move Movement control details How to At-tack Combat control details Lock Pick-ing Help The art of pick-ing locks Ar-mor Help Details how armor works Item Help Details how items work Ef-fects List Stat-us ef-fect details Cre-dits Cre-dits View developer credits Exit Game? This will erase\nyour saved game.\n\nAre you sure? Are you sure? Re-sume Game Re-turn to the game IN-VEN-TO-RY In-ven-to-ry All of your items Quest Log Your important notes Save Game Save game prog-ress Load Game Restore last saved game View Map View the level map Stat-us View game sta-tis-tics Re-start Lev-el Load auto--saved game Save & Quit Save game and exit Main Menu Exit to main menu Re-start Lev-el? Save & Quit? Load Game? No Saved Game On--Screen Help Dis-play the on--screen help over-lay GAME HELP Sta-tis-tics Press OK to ORCS & ELVES II Orcs & Elves II COM-PLET-ED! Quick Se-lect: on off Sound Sound: Vi-brate Vi-brate: FX: Set Vol-ume Vol-ume: Go to Main Menu? Save Game Don't Save Can-cel Quit to Main Menu? Cheats Change Map Stats Developer Vars Bench-mark Open Store Print Mon-sters Print mem-o-ry Err-or App Err-or Timer Err-or Loop Err-or State Show Un-touched Peek Save Usage showLocation Run Event Re-port r_frames r_speeds r_skipCull r_skipStretch r_skipBSP r_skipFlats r_skipLines r_skipSprites r_onlyRender Show Nodes showLineRasters autoShowUntouched showSaveSize No Clip Dis-able AI Equip for map Lev-el up God mode Give all Give map Give mon-ey Give ammo Give not-es Auto lock pick Show mon-sters Give buffs Clear buffs Kill all Cav-erns Dwarkar Tun-nels El'Landra Dark For-est Sol Darkfel Mon-ster Matt Karina Brett Jah Ben [Re-set Lev-el] Map Mem_k: sTexels_k: tTexels_k: Max Tex Mem_k: Shapes Mem_k: Max Shape Mem_k: Palette Mem_k: Im-age Mem_k: String Mem_k: Sprite Mem_k: Line Mem_k: BSP Mem_k: Event Mem_k: En-ti-ty Mem_k: Screen Width: Screen Height: startupTime_ms: loadPalettes_ms: loadTexels_ms: loadShapes_ms: loadImageTime_ms: touchClasses_ms: Back-light: En-a-ble Sounds? Try Again? Load Saved Game Re-start Lev-el Main Menu Yes, please! No, thanks! WEAP-ONS Weap-ons Your weap-ons PO-TIONS Po-tions Your po-tions RINGS Rings Your rings OTH-ER Oth-er Ale, Kits, Armor, etc. AMMO [None] No ring equipped Lvl Use %1? Your health is at its max-i-mum. Bob is full. Bob is missing! Ok Can-not use kit: Ar-mor at max-i-mum_Done Shop-ping_Go back to the game_Can-not drink po-tion_Ef-fects at max-i-mum_SOLD OUT_%1 x%2_MENU_Menu_Ar-mory_Food_TRIN-KETS_Can-not hold more_of that item_Ask-ing: _ Of-fer: _# = Make Of-fer _* = Clear/Can-cel_Your of-fer ex-ceeds_your avail-a-ble gold_Your of-fer was_ac-cept-ed!_re-jec-ted._Load-ing Game?_Game Load-ed_Sav-ing Game?_\%_Re-start-ing?_Yes_No _ABOUT_RANK-ING_DIF-FI-CULT RANK-ING_NIGHT-MARE RANK-ING_Your Thief Score:_Your Hero Bo-nus:_Your Rank:_Con-tin-ue Pla-ying?__ _Choose Game Mode:_Nor-mal _Dif-fi-cult_Night-mare_* Show Po-tions_* Re-sume Game_Err-or Re-cur-sion_Err-or No mem-o-ry_Totl Memory_k:_Free Memory_k:_Avail MemK:_Used Memory_k:_Init Memory_k:_Ar-mor_Mes-sage a Friend_Send stats to a friend_En-ter the phone num-ber_to send a mes-sage to._Num-ber:_# = Send Msg _How would you like to_send your mes-sage?_Back _Phone Book _Man-u-al En-try_Choose from your phone book_Man-u-al-ly en-ter a phone num-ber_Mes-sage sent!\n\nSend An-oth-er?_No con-tacts._Next Page_Pre-vi-ous Page_@Phone-book Err-or||Un-a-ble to load con-tacts from your phone-book. Please try man-u-al-ly en-ter-ing the phone num-ber._@Mes-sage Err-or||Err-or sending your mes-sage: %1_http:// page of con-tacts_Next page of con-tacts_CON-TACTS %1/%2_We were un-a-ble to_send your mes-sage:_De-liv-ery failed_Bad re-sponse_Stream err-or_Abort-ed by user_Web-site err-or %1_Timed out_Validating?_Processing?_Sending?_[Failed: Ar-rest-ed]_r_skipDecals_r_skip2D_r_simpleRast_IGraphicsK:_ISoundK:_IFileMgrK:_ITAPIK:_IWebK:_IAddrBkK:_INetMgrK:_Armor & Weapons_Food & Wine_Potions_ORBS_Saving_Freeze x%1_Mold x%1_Shrink x%1_Version: _Save Game?__Cav-erns_IN-TRO-DUC-TION|You pos-sess a talk-ing wand, a mag-ic dag-ger, a guid-ing staff, and ba-sic leath-er ar-mor._TO DWARKAR_Find your way out of the Caverns._CAVE IN!_Great! The en-trance just caved in! You should join a guild and learn how to step light-ly, you're quite heavy--foot-ed for a thief._I stole you didn't I? Though why I was sent to re-trieve you is be-yond me. You're more trou-ble than you're worth!_Many things seem to be be-yond you?_Be qui-et un-less you want to be used for fire-wood._You would-n't dare!_Try me._113_333_BOUL-DERS|Move boul-ders with a staff or by hand. If you're not wield-ing a staff, you'll move boul-ders by hand and lose 2 health points of ex-er-tion. Press OK (key 5) to push boul-der._Stuck Boul-der_[Knock Knock]|HEL-LO! AN-Y-ONE THERE?_Aye, quit yer yell-in'! What yer be want-in'?_I am a wea-ry trav-el-er seek-ing rest and sup-plies._Hrumph? too many fair-ies mak-in' their way to Dwarkar. Af-ter what hap-pened to King Bruenor's kin ye can't be too care-ful. Ye best take care! Come on in._Would you be so kind to let us back into Dwarkar?_*Grum-ble* Just like a fair-ie? nev-er can make up their minds. Git on then, come on in!_Ellon? I know you're up-set that I took you._You mean stole, kid-napped, drag-ged away?_ALL RIGHT! I stole you! But my town is in dan-ger and we need your help. Look, this road is more dan-ger-ous than I re-mem-ber so things must be get-ting worse. We need to work to-geth-er._Your re-ques-t for help is quite lack-ing, but I sense the dan-gers. I'll help from now on, but I need an ex-pla-na-tion once we get to your town. Bother, Elli will be worried sick about me! *sigh*_Boul-der Stuck!__Dwarkar_4312324_434_433_111_Your lock-picks aren't good enough. Find an-oth-er way out._Your lock-picks don't work. See what the scroll says._There's a hole in this cell! Have Bob scout it out._Greenly's Key Used!_Cell Key Used!_221_Sinarrd_Ogilvy_Dwar-ven Guard_Sorlan_Brulum_Ulaphel_Cit-i-zen_Matias_Teckla_Nabeo_Want-ed Pos-ter_Guard Sched-ule_Meet-ing Sched-ule_Pub Rules_Help Want-ed_WARN-ING!_The Pickled Dwarf Pub_Store Room_Ogilvy's Weap-ons_Al-che-mist Shop_Ring-smith_To Tun-nels_To the Cav-erns_Town Hall_Mines and Liv-ing Area_Pri-son Cell 1_Pri-son Cell 2_Pri-son Cell 3_Do-na-tions Box_Greenly's Note_Dwarkar Pri-son_Items Chest_Srentle Fam-i-ly Tomb_Lorpe Fam-i-ly Tomb_Bar-keep_Weap-ons and Sup-plies re-trieved._Out-ta da way! Need ta get me some ver-min!_I'm pleased to inform you that messy chore has been tak-en care of._Ye be tak-in' all me fun! Bar-ri-cad-ed them rats so I could get me axe. Well, ye saved me some time. I be Lunis the Brave, Elite Town Guard of Dwarkar and who are ye?_Lunis_Well met Sir Lunis. I may have found some-thing be-long-ing to you. [Gives Lunis' Mug] I am Valin of the Town of Sol._Me fam-i-ly mug!! Twas giv-en to me by me fa-ther's fa-ther. I should give ye some-thing fer giv-in' me mug back. Them rats steal eve-ry-thing. Hate them thiev-ing sort! [Gives Pla-yer 50 Gold]_*cough* Ah? yes. Those Were-rats sure are a trou-ble-some lot!_Means a lot to have me mug back. Dwarkar's a small town and we don't get elves vis-it-in' much, but I hope ye en-joys yer stay! I best be head-in' back to me du-ties._Help Want-ed:|Dwarkar cler-ics in need of ap-pren-tices with back-ground and spe-cial-ty in calm-ing spir-its._In-fes-ta-tion! Stay Clear! Gone to get me axe.|--Lunis_Want-ed Dead or Alive:|Kazad, want-ed on 9 counts of mur-der, last seen in the Dark For-est._Want-ed Dead or Alive:|2 Fin-ger Margrom, Orc want-ed on 13 counts of mur-der and count-less thefts. Use ex-treme cau-tion!_GUARD SCHED-ULE:|--Gramley 0130--1130|--Morson 1130--0130|--Ex-e-cu-tions 0130--0330_No take out al-lowed!|No Ar-mor, No San-dals, No SER-VICE!_Friend for-beare, To dig the dust en-closed here. Blessed be he who spares the stones, curs-es to he who moves my bones._To me fa-ther, fish-in' ain't the same with-out ye.|--Morson_Sister, I've slaugh-tered the Worg that killed ye. Rest in peace.|--Graner_Grantby, the Pub just ain't the same with-out ye.|--Thorlin_Me dear-est bru-ther, dun know why ya went af-ter them Vaet-tirs into the Dark For-est, but me's gues-sin' that ya did what ya had to do. I'll be mak-in' sure any Vaet-tirs I see be get-tin' the fine edge of me axe!|--Droglin_WARN-ING! Were-rats are dig-gin' holes in-side our town. Be cau-tious of any large holes, the ver-min seem to be com-ing in from them. Till we can make re-pairs, keep clear. If yer think-ing about smashin' some rats, en-ter at yer own risk!_Beware! These cells be in-fest-ed with mon-strous mices! They'll steal yer food and pounce on yer chest!_Be good to me mousy friend? kept me nice com-pany. Has a heart-y ap-pe-tite so be shar-in' some food with him. He likes to sleep in yer chest if ye's got good enough hairs to make him a comfy bed._*Grum-ble* Go away I be in no mood for talk-in'!_Go away!_No time to talk, it be time to drink! *gulp* Helps me for-get them folks in *gulp* da cem-e-tary? *gulp*_Prob-a-bly me *hic* ima-gin-ation an-y-way. *gulp*_*gulp, gulp, gulp*_Wel-come to me ring shop! Best deals on rings of all kinds can be had 'ere._Wel-come back!_Oh hel-lo? thief's bin goin' a-round tak-in' folks' stuff. Makes for tough busi-ness all a-round I say. Ye won't be find-in' good deals a-round town till busi-ness gets a bit bet-ter!_What ye be want-in'?_If ye ain't fer buy-in' an-y-thing, go mill about some-one else's store. Oth-er-wise, tell me what ye be want-in'._Strange things bin hap-pe-ning late-ly so I sug-gest ye stays out-ta trou-ble if ye wants to stay in town. If ye wants ta go back to the caves, just walk back through that door._*Grum-ble* Don't be bother-in' me! Need to be guard-in'. If ye wants to head back to the caves, walk out the door!_Walk out the door to get back to the caves._Me name's Morson, Town Guard. What's yer busi-ness in town?_Morson_Well met Sir. Just pas-sing through to re-plen-ish sup-plies. Could you tell me what stores I may find in your town?_Dwarkar has yer es-sen-tials, pub, ar-mory, ring and po-tion shop. I'm sure ye'll find some-thing ye can use. As for heal-ing, I sug-gest get-ting a good meal at the Pub. Our Cler-ics have their hands full._Thank you. Good day sir!_Hel-lo Morson! What are you doing? Are you guard-ing some-thing?_Leave me be! If ye dun have nuth-in' bet-ter to do than bo-ther folks, I'll put ye to work!_Paid work?!_*grum-ble* If ye be want-in' paid work, smash all them wood deb-ris in town? an' I mean ALL OF THEM! Come back when yer done and I'll give ye some gold._De-stroy all rub-ble piles in Dwarkar._Hel-lo! Ogilvy be me name, and weap-on-smith-ing's me game! If yer in need o' weap-ons, ye's come to the right place._Need some-thing else?_Ye should be care-ful a-round town. Crook's bin tak-in' things from folks and mak-ing trou-ble. Tough on busi-ness. Sor-ry to say ye won't be find-in' deals a-round town till this gets straight-ened out._Oh, it's you again._Wel-come to the Pickled Dwarf Pub! Me name be Agli. I be the bar-keep and own-er._Agli_Hel-lo sir. I'm in town for sup-plies? and a drink._Then yer in the right place! I've got a heart-y sup-ply of food and ale. Ye might try Ogilvy's store on the oth-er side of town fer weap-on sup-plies._I was look-ing for some work in town. I'm a bit short on coin and would be ap-pre-cia-tive of any pay-ing work._Well, I have some work I'd bin post-pon-in'. Got me a Were-rat in-fes-ta-tion. Take care of them crit-ters an' I'll pay ye._Would be hap-py to be at your ser-vice. Just show me the way._Go through that door. I'll un-lock it. There be a cask of ale in back ye can take, but don't be tak-in' an-y-thing else. I'm not fond of thieves!_*cough* Uh? right. Thank you!_Kill all rats in the store-room of the Pickled Dwarf Pub._Need some food an ale 'fore goin'?_Ye fixed me rat pro-blem! Here's yer pay. [Ob-tained 40 Gold] If ye wants food or ale, come talk to me and we'll see about get-tin' ye a good deal._Care to buy some food or ale?_Spooks and crim-i-nals be mak-in' things tough on busi-ness. Deals be hard to find._Wel-come to me shop. If ye be need-in' some po-tions, this be the right place!_What else can I of-fer ye?_Busi-ness be hurt-in'. Ye won't be find-in' deals to-day._What ye be need-in'?_Move along. This door be the en-trance to Dwar-ven liv-ing quar-ters and mines. No one al-lowed but dwar-ves be-yond this 'ere door and I don't see a Dwar-ven beard in yer face!_Move along! Se-cu-ri-ty be ex-tra tight till them Cler-ics say oth-er-wise._Yer test-in' me pa-tience? bug me again and I'll have ye drag-ged off ta pri-son!_Durned fair-ie, I warned ye!_Woulda thought ye learned yer les-son. Bo-ther me again an I'll take ye to jail!_Off ta jail ye go?_Cler-ics' or-ders? en-try to Dwarkar's liv-ing quar-ters and min-ing area fer dwar-ves only._Leave me be; I'm wait-in' on some-body? and he ain't no fair-ie._*grum-ble*?_Halt! This be dan-ger-ous ter-ri-to-ry. Saf-er in them bur-i-al grounds than here. Even wit' them spooks haun-tin' da place, saf-er there than over yon-der is what I say. Now move along._Go Away!_What?! I say ye should stay clear. Saf-er in them bur-i-al grounds!_Well, the bur-i-al grounds were-n't all that bad so if you don't mind I'd like to in-ves-ti-gate where that leads to. I'm try-ing?_We be know-in' where it leads! Past them theiv-ing rats, and past them cav-erns be a for-est lead-ing straight to the el-ven town of El'Landra._Then this is the route I must go._Don't say I didn't warn ya!_I say, check them bur-i-al grounds if ye wants a taste o' dan-ger. Here's a map o' Dwarkar to help ye. But if ye still wants to move there yon-der, I won't stop ye. What ye do with yer hide is yer busi-ness!_Re-ceived Map of Dwarkar._You're a ter-ri-ble thief! How many times do you intend on get-ting us in pri-son? *sigh* It's a good thing you're de-cent at dis-guise._Don't wor-ry. I'm get-ting the hang of this. *smile*_Thiev-ing from these dwar-ves will get you into trou-ble. There will be con-se-quen-ces? it's your choice._I'm in need of supplies and must do what I can to pre-pare for the jour-ney ahead._STOP! Crim-i-nal!_Pri-son Exit_Lunis' Brass Mug_141_Book: The Right Moves--Guide to Fight-ing_[Strength +1]_1341_3121_423_Stat-ue of Brasim:|Dwarkar's first Ty-ri-nium met-al-lur-gist._Stat-ue of Grolir:|Dis-co-vered tha rich-est Ty-ri-nium veins in Dwar-kar's mines._Here lies Teckla-- She died from a rav-en-ous bat, may she rest in peace._Here lies Nabeo-- She was one tough Dwarf._Here lies Wally the bla-sphe-mer-- He was burned at the stake for his un-or-tho-dox stud-ies._Here lies Matias-- The only dwarf? [In-scrip-tion Worn Off]_Here lies Branlim-- Gris-ly old bard could play any type of mu-sic from an-y-where in the land._[In-scrip-tion Worn Off]_Here lies a man with no name-- Un-known trav-el-er._Here lies Quigley-- She could hit a fly off of a worg's back-side at 700 pa-ces with any cross-bow._--Town meet-in' can-celled! Meet-ings will re-con-vene when Cler-ics find a way to keep them dead, DEAD. Till then, town-folks should stay in da mines and mind the guards._The Sharp-en-ing Stone of Zumakhalis_Bronze Urn_Srentle fam-i-ly Paint-ing_Wil-ted Ros-es_Pa-gan Neck-lace_Fam-i-ly Pet Re-mains_Steal-ing from the dead? That's just not right!_I'm sure they'd ap-prove if they knew it was in aid to rid foul crea-tures._Grave-yard Gate Open_Grave-yard Gate Closed_I had bet-ter go check on some things._Crim-i-nal!|You've been caught and put in jail! Your sup-plies are in a stor-age chest. The only items in your pos-ses-sion are the wand, the fa-mil-iar, and a well--hid-den lock pick._[BAM! SLAM!!]_Ye'll not speak of me girl in tha' tone!_She gots more beard than me boy!_I just call 'em as I see 'em!_AHHHHHH-hhhhhhh!_He-he-he, missed? OUCH!!!_I'll be throw-in' both of ye out if ye dun quit yer bick-er-in'!! Durned fools! Morel? Put up 'nother door!_Don't for-get to get your weap-ons and sup-plies from the stor-age chest. We should-n't leave it be-hind._Pri-son Door Un-locked!_Pri-son Door Locked!_Un-lock with Lev-er_*Sigh* You left all of your weap-ons in pri-son! Now the only way to get them back is to get ar-rest-ed so you get back into pri-son!!_Bin 'ere fer years an dun much know if I be li-king or hating me new home? mem-o-ry bin go-ing so can't tell these days. Heh, if I don't like it 'ere this key I put in da hole o' me cell should get me out. --Greenly_Greenly's Cell Key._Cell 3 Key_TOWNS PEO-PLE|At-tack-ing or steal-ing from towns peo-ple will get you in jail!_Ye looks like a good elf. *hic* Me thinks ye'll give this crit-ter a good home. *hic* It don't seem to take much to Dwarven kind. *BURRRP*_[Sarcastic] I can't ima-gine why? Thank you, but I must decline. I have a long jour-ney and don't have room for pets._He be a good fa-mil-iar. *hic* An Elf like yerself will find 'im useful!_A fa-mil-iar?! Nev-er had one be-fore? al-right, I'll take him._Thank ye! Now off to tha Pub with me! *Hic*_Cute lit-tle guy. We should name him. How about Bob?_BOB?! What kind of name is Bob? How un-in-spired, un?_It's set-tled then. His name is Bob!_Uggh?_Care-ful. Good luck!_Move Along!_Strange things be go-ing on in da cem-e-tary. Since the Vaet-tir come to town, Dwarkar not as safe as she used ta be._Thank you for the warn-ing. I'm cu-ri-ous to know what's gotten Dwarkar's town-folk un-nerved. I should vis-it the grave-yard and pay my re-spects._In-ves-ti-gate the Grave-yard._There's still some rub-ble piles that need de-stroy-in' get ta work!_Ye did yer job. Here's yer pay. [Re-ceived 50 Gold] Now git mov-in'. Till them Cler-ics fi-gure out what's goin' on in Dwarkar, town's not safe._Git mov-in'! I have noth-in' else fer ye._Git!_Re-trieve weap-ons from chest be-fore leav-ing pri-son._Locked tight, sure-ly there is an-oth-er way out._I've no-ticed a se-ries of grates a-round the cell, per-haps Bob could ex-plore them?_Use Bob to ex-plore those grates!_I don't think com-ing down here was such a good idea Valin._There is no harm in sim-ply hav-ing a look a-round._Only dwarves of Dwarkar be allowed down this here ladder._Halt! You be get-tin' ar-rest-ed fer goin' in the mines._Vaettirs! Don't let your guard down!_

_Tun-nels_41133_14411_Vault 1_Vault 2_TO EL'LANDRA_TO DWARKAR_Vault 1 Con-tents_Vault 2 Con-tents_Top Thieves_Stat-ue of Filch --|Great thief leds march to Mount Zharrkarag._Stat-ue of Pedras --|First Sil-ver Fang Chief; cheeses got him catched and trapped-ed._Fake Ruby_Stat-ue of Ornola --|[In-scrip-tion Worn Off]_Stat-ue of Sorlo --|Best-ed thief of or-lance an got-ses us Gonda Cheese._Stat-ue of Klenko --|Stole lots of bowl-sies; we gots lots of bowl-sies in vault._Stat-ue of Clep --|[In-scrip-tion Clawed Off]_Stat-ue of Bek --|Silver Fang's first Troll Were-rat; fiercest in tribe._Stat-ue of Topo --|Sil-ver Fang's sec-ond best-est thief; steals eve-ry-thing._Stat-ue of Clepto --|Fierce lead-er and mas-ter-ful thief; he turned Bek and trav-els to makes more. Clepto be smart-est Were-rat in tribe his-to-ry._Vault 1 Con-tents|--Golds|--Bowl-sies|--Ma-gicks Drink-sies|--Food-sies|--Jew-el-ses|--Lampses|--Chairsies|--Clothies_Vault 2 Con-tents|--Golds|--Ma-gicks Drink-sies|--Round Thing-ies|--Arr-ow-ses|--Bowl-sies|--Shiny Thing-ies_Top Thieves|--Clepto|--Topo|--Filch_3411_222_3343_4442_2132_Wood Bowl_Loaf of Bread_Rep-li-ca of Teckla's Train-ing Stick_4411_Wood Plate_10 Wood Forks_15 Wood Spoons_4 Stale Ap-ples_Rusty Belt Bu-ckle_Fake Em-er-ald_2324_Large Pouch_Spa-tu-la_Worn Leath-er Glove_Pet Col-lar which reads Spike_Ar-row-head_3331_5 Wood Forks_10 Quill Pens_3 Can-dles_10 Bro-ken Ar-rows_Paint-ed Rock_Hel-lo?_Who goes there!?!?_Just a trav-el-er in need of a place to rest and re--equip._Al-right, just watch your step! We don't like strang-ers caus-ing trou-ble in our town._Would you mind let-ting me back in?_Come in._Topo Stole Bow_Topo Stole Bob_HE STOLE BOB!!! That pu-trid rat stole Bob!_Never-mind that now? this is no or-di-nary thief. He dropped some Shrink Orbs in his haste. Pick them up and keep a tight hold of me. I don't want to get sto-len again by a smelly Were-rat._You were sto-len by a Were-rat?!_*sigh* I don't want to talk about it. Pick those up and let's go!_Were-rat stole 25 gold!_Thief!_Were-rat stole 53 gold!_Thief Es-caped!_Stuck Boul-der_Troll! Troll! I can take care of this!!_*hisss* Stu-pid elf! I sseees you steal but yous not a good thief! Haha-ha? not like Topo._Please don't com-pare my skills to a wret-ched, smelly ro-dent. Per-haps your les-son on be-ing a good thief should in-clude the most im-por-tant one of all?_Whats more *hisss* im-por-tant than steal-ing lots of things?_Stay-ing alive! Some-thing I'm afraid you won't be for long._Bob_Bro-ken Chair Leg_Can-dle_8 Forks_12 Spoons_2 Cal-i-pers_5 Blank Scrolls_Quill_Loaf of Stale Bread_Jug of Sour Milk_Wood Cup_Ripped Glove_Fake Pearl_5 Stale Ap-ples_Ball of String_Head of Let-tuce_*scree-eeech* Arghh!_Sil-ver Fang Tribe will de-stroys you!_Boul-der Stuck!_Topo Stole Dag-ger_What was that?_*groan* We have a thief on our tail. Hur-ry, let's move for-ward! And don't let me out of your sight!!_Valin, keep a tight hold of me. I sense this is Were-rat ter-ri-to-ry and go-ing in there makes me ner-vous?_They're just thiev-ing ver-min, noth-ing to be ner-vous about._You'd be wor-ried if a stink-ing rat kid-napped you and used you as a tooth-pick! *grum-ble* FINE! Let's get mov-ing!_In-tru-dersss!_Where'sss Topo?_He sees da sha-man._Guud. He makesss tribe strong._Makesss tribe pow-er-ful!_Haha-haha!_Good to have you back Bob!_Squeeek!_He Con-curs._RE-MIND-ER|Save your game prog-ress at any time by open-ing the menu (key 0) and se-lect-ing Save Game.||Your game is auto-mati-cal-ly saved when-ev-er you switch lev-els._Boul-der Blocked!_Ackk!__El'Landra_To Tun-nels_To Dark For-est_El-ven Guard_Cirdan Surion_Dwar-ven Ghost_Frolim_Darnhilden_Melwasul Ar-mory_Oropher Melwasul_Ghalorist Al-che-my_Maeglin Ghalorist_Helyanwe's Rings_Aerandir Helyanwe_Darnhilden's Trin-kets_Celegorm's Ta-vern_Finwe Celegorm_Frolim's Trin-kets_Store Room_El'Landra Pri-son_Weap-on Stor-age_Cell 1_Cell 2_Guard Room_Store Room Exit_TOWNS PEO-PLE|At-tack-ing or steal-ing from towns peo-ple will get you in jail!_232_Ske-le-ton Key Used!_13243_12131_134_442413_3342_*hic* A?*hic*?a vis-it-or!_They've changed the locks. Your lock-picks won't work. Find an-oth-er way to get out._Look, your lock-picks aren't good enough to un-lock this door. See if Bob can help us find a way out._*sigh* Your cur-rent set of lock-picks won't work!! Have Bob find some-thing we can use to open this door._411322_Wel-come to El'Landra. Our town is sparce due to cit-i-zens track-ing ma-rau-ders, but the shops are open and they'll wel-come your pa-tro-nage._To re-turn to the for-est, just walk past that door._Wel-come! You'll find great deals on rings here!_What would you like to-day?_Thefts, at-tacks? *sigh* it's mak-ing busi-ness ex-treme-ly dif-fi-cult. I'm afraid you won't find any deals to-day._Sooo, how do you know a Hex-break-er chant?!_Long story. Per-haps I'll tell you some oth-er time? though I'm not cer-tain if the chant will work on oth-er curs-es?_May I in-ter-est you in some wine? It's been a great year for El'Landra's vine-yards._Strange things have been hap-pe-ning all a-round El'Landra. Elves pick-ing fights with elves, thiev-er-y and drunk-en-ness? in all my 120 years, I have nev-er seen this town like this. *sigh* I'm afraid you won't find any deals a-round town._Wel-come to our po-tions shop! We have plen-ty of po-tions to choose from, just let me know which one you would like._Feel free to per-use our list of po-tions. Just let me know if you'd like to pur-chase any._Try-ing times? not much bar-gain-ing to be found I'm afraid._Ex-cuse me, good sir; we're in need of in-for-ma-tion. We seek the fa-vor of know-ing your fam-i-ly's mot-to._Oh, my! A talk-ing wand!!_Please sir, what of your fam-i-ly's mot-to?_The Ghalorist mot-to? And how, may I ask, would giv-ing you this in-for-ma-tion ben-e-fit me?_In ex-change, I can give you a Hex-break-er chant?_A Hex-break-er chant?! Fa-sci-na-ting!! Hex-break-er chants are some of the most pow-er-ful in the known Lands for fight-ing evil mag-ic. You have a deal! The fam-i-ly mot-to is E'Nel Oran Mekel'Ennish._Thank you. The Hex-break-er chant is: An-cients for-sake? These seals that vex? This mag-ic re-make? Its pur-pose per-plex? Dark pow-er we break? Undo the hex._No, Thank you!_Chant the Ghalorist fam-i-ly mot-to, E'Nel Oran Mekel'Ennish, in the tomb._Good day to you! You've come to the fin-est ar-mory in all of El'Landra. We can give you a good deal if you are wil-ling to be fair. Just let me know what you fan-cy._Ready to make a pur-chase?_No deals will be found to-day. There has been a surge of crim-i-nal ac-tiv-i-ty and this hurts busi-ness all a-round._I have THE best deals in town! Just tell me what you fan-cy._What would you like to pur-chase?_Strange Hap-pe-nings in town have made it tough on busi-ness, but I can still give you a good deal!_My dear sir, cust-o-mers are not al-lowed back here!_I thought I saw a me-dal-lion fall to the floor and thought I might be help-ful._Oh! I could use a lit-tle help? I'm low on sup-plies. If you'll re-trieve some sup-plies at my old shop, I'll pay you 60 gold coins._I could use the ex-tra coin. Sure, I'll re-trieve your sup-plies. Where's your shop and what do you need me to get?_My shop is by the pub. You'll need a key, of course? ah, here's the key. Bring me the items in the un-locked chest. [Re-ceived Ske-le-ton Key] Please hur-ry back!_Re-trieve Frolim's sup-plies from his closed shop._Have you re-trieved the sup-plies yet?_Ahhhh, thank you! As agreed, here is your pay. [Re-ceived 60 Gold]_Young elf, you will not be al-lowed to step into my stall. Since the trou-bles we've had late-ly, the town has im-ple-men-ted strict rules. We must all take pre-cau-tions._Now please, I in-sist that you do not press fur-ther. I will call the guards if you con-tin-ue to move for-ward!_What is it with young elves these days?! GUARDS!!_That one over there is not to be trust-ed. He'll steal you blind if you're not care-ful! I, on the oth-er hand, will give you great deals on great mer-chan-dise; and even though my shop is cur-rent-ly in re-pair, you'll al-ways be as-sured a won-der-ful bar-gain. Just tell me what you'd like._Get all of your El'Landra sou-ve-nirs here!_What trin-kets would you like?_Tough on busi-ness late-ly? too many odd oc-curr-ences. *sigh* I will do my best to give you a good deal. I'd hate a vis-it-or to leave El'Landra dis-ap-point-ed. What would you like?_HALT! Hool-i-gan!_Crim-i-nal!|You've been caught and put in jail! Your sup-plies are in a stor-age chest. The only items in your pos-ses-sion are the Wand, the fa-mil-iar, and a well--hid-den lock pick._Pri-son Exit_Drunk_How did you get out?!_*hic* I'm a reg-u-lar! He-he-he? *Hic* Have my own keys._Re-al-ly?! Would you hap-pen to have the keys to my cell also?_Imma? uuhh? *hic* yep! Have keys to both cells! *hic*_Could you open my cell?_Um? sure._*yawn* Tired? *hic*_Well, get your-self some rest. Umm, I'll check on you lat-er!_Okay? z,z,z,_z,z,z,_--Bob found a high-er lev-el lock pick set ac-ci-den-tally drop-ped into an old, con-fi-sca-ted Orc Lord spit-toon. EEEWWWW!_Eeeek!_Ahhhhhh!, a rat!!!!_Aaaaaaaa!_33234_Pick-ing your way out won't do any good with the guard stand-ing right out-side. Find a way to dis-tract him._The guard is right out-side! Dis-tract the guard first. Get Bob to help you._Get Bob to dis-tract the guard be-fore you pick the lock you dunce!_You didn't learn from what just hap-pened?! Try to get the guard to leave his post!_*sigh* Wow, you're im-pos-sible._Old Spit-toon_Pri-son Door Un-locked!_Pri-son Door Locked!_111_I'm glad I im-press you so much that you'd leave pri-son with me and Bob as YOUR ONLY WEAP-ONS!! *sigh* Look, our jour-ney will be that much more dif-fi-cult with-out your sup-plies. Try to get them back. You'll have to get thrown in jail again to re-trieve them._189 Shot Glas-ses_15 Cloaks_72 Snow Globes_349 Key-rings_38 Fi-gur-ines_43444_2143_Misc. Semi--pre-cious Stones_3124_143_Pew-ter Wine Cup_Book: Po-tions of Great-er Po-lox-in_Book: Gromlirs' Guide to De-fense Po-tions_[De-fense +1]_Book: Po-tion In-gre-dients 101_Book: Cross-bow Marks-man-ship_[Ac-cu-ra-cy +1]_Book: Beau-ti-ful Rings of the South_Trans-action Re-cords_Tar-nished Tro-phy_Book: How to Pro-per-ly Drink Wine_Book: Gromlirs' Wine Guide_Book: From the Vine to the Keg_Book: Wine Tast-ing and You--First Edi-tion_Book: The Road More Trav-eled_Skull_Moth eat-en doll_Bro-ken Lock-et_Pet's Col-lar_Ode to Piqliff, em-broi-dered on a ker-chief_Dear Pa-trons: This is a dine--in es-tab-lish-ment only, no take--out. Thank you._In the name of Fellstrath! How could you let this sap-ling wi-ther so, Piqliff? The trou-ble we've been hav-ing should not dis-tract you from keep-ing this be-lov-ed gift well. Please try to nurse it back.|--El-der Larwaven_Lost Pet: Be-lov-ed Leaf-cat. An-swers to the name But-ton._No-tice: All de-liv-er-ies for mon-u-ment of the Fall-en He-roes must come through here while the rear en-trance is closed._No-tice: Shop closed for re-pairs. Darnhilden's Trin-kets has tem-po-rar-i-ly re-lo-cated to the town square._No-tice: Dear pa-trons, I have tem-po-rar-i-ly re-lo-cated to the town square.|--Fro-lim_Uhh? hel-lo! *hic* Would you be so kind *hic* as to pur-chase some wine for me?_I'm a bit short on gold. You should pur-chase it your-self._*grum-ble* The bar-keep re-fus-es to *hic* sell me an-y-more! *hic*_Per-haps you don't need an-y-more._I'll pay you 150 Gold for one bot-tle of wine! *hic*_I'll be right back!_Wine? *hic* need wine?_Bring Cirdan Surion a bot-tle of wine._*Gulp* Ahhh, thank you! Have a drink with me before you go._Have a drink with Cirdan._Have a drink with me, *hic*, I in-sist._Great vin-tage! *hic* Here's your *hic* gold. [Re-ceived 150 Gold]_*gulp* *gulp* *gulp*_Here lies Inwe -- Her-ald of the High Elf Le-gion, who brought the news of Valqueth's de-feat._Here lies Lessien -- Cham-pi-on of the Guard and slay-er of Valqueth's Cap-tain._Here lies Eneyla -- Dead-li-est ar-cher in the re-gion, slay-er of the Fearshiv Swarm._Here lies Vardamir -- Mas-ter Heal-er, sin-gle-hand-ed-ly saved 112 lives of the El'Rank Host._Here lies Capalon -- High Al-che-mist, whose Shim-mer Cry fell the Great Dire Dread._Here lies Mergon the Fra-grant -- Mas-ter Dwarf Cook whose al-li-ance brought un-told com-fort to our troops, es-pe-cial-ly with his re-nowned Hades Herrock Chili._Tomb 1_Tomb 2_Tomb 3_A Shad-ow! My mag-ic is very ef-fect-ive against these foul crea-tures. Let me at him!_Mon-u-ment of|Fall-en He-roes_Mon-u-ment Exit_No-tice: The Mon-u-ment of the Fall-en He-roes is closed and un-pa-trolled while the fore-court is be-ing ren-o-vat-ed._Fore-court La-bor-ers: Please do not leave your tools on site over night. We have ex-pe-ri-enced a num-ber of thefts re-cent-ly._Mosereth, the mor-tar ship-ment is days late; I'll board up the en-trance to the fore-court un-til it ar-rives. Please let the fore-man know when you ex-pect it._Mon-u-ment_*grum-ble*, *hic*, *burrrp*_That sounds fa-mil-iar?_Durned elves! *hic* Put-tin' away such a fine cask of wine? *grum-ble*_We should find out what he's up to._Tomb 4_Valin, I have an idea? if I re-mem-ber cor-rect-ly, one of the shops in town had the name Ghalorist. Find that shop. I may know what to do. Lets go!_Find the shop-keep with the last name of Ghalorist._Sarbok?_Sarbok_By the thun-der-in' bla-zes! It be da talk-in' stick that freed me and me bruth-ers! *hic*_Ummm? Sarbok, the name is Ellon._I be know-in' yer name ye ole stick in the mud! *hic* Be a good stickie and find me a way to get in-side the se-cret tomb here. *hic*_Find some way to open that se-cret tomb door be-hind me and I'll help ye move on from this town._Did ya find a way ta break the seal and open this tomb? *hic*_I'm con-fused. Why are you here? Wasn't your spir-it freed?_Aye, I be freed. *hic* But them Ghalorist Elves brag-gin' about their wine, *hic* had to check it out fer me-self! *burp* If ye helps me get into the tomb fer some wine *hic*, I'll help yer lost lookin' elfie friend._I'm not lost! What we need is to move past the exit in this mon-u-ment. It's the quick-est way back to my town._Oh, I can help ye wit dat exit door! *hic* I o'er-heard the mag-iks used to close it. I knows the chant. *hic* Just finds a way to break the seal in this here tomb an I'll give ye the chant! *burp*_Help Sarbok break the tomb seal._Hope so? here goes? E'Nel Oran Mekel'Ennish!_Ye did it! *hic* Now, come and have yer Elfie drink a bit o' wine wit' me; it'll do 'im good!_Chant 'El'Landra Landreth, Tel'Ol Kinir' to open exit._One more thing Ellon? have yer boy take me ring. *hic* May as well go with some-one who can be usin' it fer the time being. *hic* [Re-ceived Sar-bok's ring]_Thanks Sarbok. Let's go Valin. Go up to the exit door and re-cite the chant._We don't have time for this?_Me memory's com-in' back. Have a drink with me an I'll give ye the chant._Have a drink with me an I'll give ye the chant fer the exit._Ahhh, *hic* this in-deed be some fine wine them Ghalorist be mak-in'! *Burp* Thank ye fer shar-in' *hic* a drink with me. The chant be El'Landra Landreth, Tel'Ol Kinir! _Have a drink with Sarbok._El'Landra Landreth, Tel'Ol Kinir!_Ah! A cust-o-mer!_I saw him first! Hel-lo good sir!_No! He's mine, best deals here!_Weap-ons and Sup-plies re-trieved._*hic* *hic* *hic*_*sing-ing* La? la? la? Eol the brave, came to fight be-side El'Landra. La? la? la? With the aid of King Brahm's army, la, la, la, Eol helped our peo-ple save the day! La? la? la?_La? la? la_Well met thief. I can spot one of the Or-der at half a league._Well met thief. I can spot one of the Or-der at half a league. [stole 2 gold from you]_Con-si-der-ing I've just walked out of jail, that's not a dif-fi-cult guess. But I too can spot one of the Or-der eas-i-ly, thief. [You stole 4 gold]_You're good, but I'm bet-ter. This town is mine. [Thief stole 4 gold]_I'm not in El'Landra to loot. Just try-ing to move on through. [You stole 5 gold]_There's noth-ing here for you. Just move on. [Thief stole 6 gold]_I'll move on when I'm good and ready. [You stole 7 gold]_We can keep at this all you want. [Thief stole 8 gold]_You tired of this yet? [You stole 8 gold]_Thief_It's too com-plex._Valin, don't waste coins. These things won't be of any use!_Stop wast-ing your time and mon-ey! *sigh*_Oh, dear me!|Oh, dear-est me!_Who is ex-tin-guish-ing our can-dles?_All this mis-cheif late-ly? Oh, dear me.__Dark For-est_TO EL'LANDRA_TO SOL_4343_422323_24214_234243_411_312244_331_Fool-ish elf! You should feel hon-ored that I've_cho-sen to kill you myself._It's a treat I'm sure you'll not for-get._TREANTS AT-TACK!_We will meet again!_I see they've set a trap for us._Only an Orc brain would think this a clev-er one. Nev-er-the-less, watch your step. What they lack in brains, they more than make up for in re-sil-ience._Valin, this for-est is dy-ing. The woods are taint-ed and have al-lied with evil. Make haste for Sol. We have no time to lose!_I have a bad feeling about this?_As well you should. I can-not sense Drui-dic mag-ic in this for-est which could mean only one thing?_What?!_This for-est has been des-e-crated. Be cau-tious, we have much to fear in these woods._Boul-der Blocked!_Jirbarg, no in-tru-der must get by this sen-try sta-tion.||--Kazad__Sol_To Dark For-est_Gen-er-al Store_Store-room_To Darkfel_Ciryatan_AD-VI-SO-RY_1324343_41123_32442_122412_33433_2212_43112_13124_111113_233124_[Knock Knock Knock] Hel-lo? An-y-one there?_Go away!!!_Tathar?! Is that you?_Valin?!?_Tathar, it is you! *Laughs* I'm so very glad to see you're al-right my friend. What in Areth has hap-pened here?!_Tathar_I don't know? I've nev-er seen an-y-thing like this in all my 235 years. It's chaos! All I know is that the town has gone mad!! Most are dead but some have turned or are turn-ing. *sob* Valin, I don't know what is go-ing on!!!_I've come back with the wand as the Eld-ers asked of me. We can go to them. They will show us what to do._*sob* They're all dead? the Eld-ers are dead. *sob* I don't re-al-ly know who is left?_*whis-pers* Dead? it can't be? *shouts* TATHAR, LET ME IN! We have to fight this!! Help me my friend._[snif-fle] Sure? of course? come in-side. You'll be safe in here. This re-in-forced door I in-stalled last month has kept those mon-sters out. We'll be safe in here._Tathar, what sup-plies do you have?_I stocked up as much as I could? near-ly a quar-ter of all the town's sup-plies. I didn't have a chance to get more. I bare-ly made it back with what I do have._I need some sup-plies. I have to go out there and find out what has hap-pened to our town. With the wand, I feel I will not be in great per-il? it must be the rea-son why the Eld-ers had me find him. Tathar, what sup-plies can you give me?_Give you?! I'll be hard pressed to give you much of an-y-thing if I want to keep those mon-sters at bay and not starve to death!_Tathar, I need your help. At least give me some of your sup-plies? oh, I have gold! Sell me some of your sup-plies for my gold!!_Ummm? well? okay? a fair deal then. [cheap-ish-ly] I'll throw in some Freeze Orbs. They've been in-val-u-a-ble to me. They put out fires and freeze mon-sters so you can whack them to piec-es? or run! You'll need them._Thanks. Once I leave, will you let me back in when I re-turn?_Of course! Just knock three times, pause, then knock once and I'll know it's you._Thank you. All right, let me see what you've got._Here's my in-ven-to-ry. Just tell me what you need._Valin, I don't feel well? uhhh? aR-GHHH!!_Tathar? TATHAR!!_Valin, he's turn-ing. There's noth-ing you can do for him now. De-fend your-self!_Nooooooooooo!!!_[In Shock] No, this can't be hap-pe-ning?_VALIN! SNAP OUT OF IT!! GET YOUR-SELF READY FOR BAT-TLE!!!_[Slob-ber] Gruuur-sslasch_ENOUGH!_It is good to see you lit-tle Ellon. I see that you are doing quite well!_Mas-ter? Mas-ter! It is you!! How, how is this pos-sible?!_*Chuckles* My jour-ney to the as-tral planes has been cut short lit-tle one. [Solemn] I'm afraid Areth needs us? if we are not too late._Mas-ter, King Brahm? Abraxas?_Yes, yes Ellon? I know. I have learned much upon my re-turn._I hate to break this up but would ei-ther of you PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GO-ING ON?! YOU AT-TACKED ME!! YOU WERE GO-ING TO KILL ME!!!_Non-sense! You were nev-er in real dan-ger from me Valin. This was sim-ply a test to see if you would be ca-pa-ble of han-dling the Quest meant for Elli. How-ev-er, since you chose to bring Ellon with-out his ap-poin-ted wield-er, I had to make sure that you would be able to fill the shoes of a war-ri-or._Uhhh? I was sup-posed to bring Elli?_Yes Valin. You were to bring Elli with Ellon, not steal Ellon. *Sigh* This con-fu-sion is un-der-stand-a-ble with Sol un-der at-tack? but I am be-ing rude, you don't even know my name. I am Vareth. I asked the Eld-ers to send for the wand. You see, lit-tle Ellon is made from my wand and con-tains a bit of my own life force. We need him to bat-tle this dark-ness upon us. It trou-bles me great-ly that I will not be of help against this foe but you have done well and I will pre-pare you fur-ther._What do you mean you will not be of help? You are one of the most pow-er-ful wiz-ards in all the Lands?! How?_What you face is a shad-ow of my own self. You may call it a twin if that makes it easier, but it is a be-ing that I can-not con-quer nor can it con-quer me. It must be van-quished by an-oth-er. *Chuckle* A thief is not who I had in mind for this task but it seems that Sol has found its hero!_Me? A hero?!_Yes, you! I will place upon you the in-nate abil-i-ties of an ex-pe-ri-enced war-ri-or. Also, these two items should help. [Re-ceived Dia-mond Ar-mor][Re-ceived Ki-ne-tic Bow] The cloak will shield you from num-er-ous at-tacks. The cross-bow shoots ex-plo-sive ar-rows that at-tacks mul-ti-ple en-e-mies at once. With Ellon, you will have the weap-ons ne-ces-sar-y to de-feat my dop-pel-gang-er._How will you know if we are suc-cess-ful? Where?_If you are suc-cess-ful, I will know? I will know ei-ther way. Evil en-gulfs the Lands as we speak so I must go where I can be ef-fect-ive. When this is done, I will find you but for now, I must leave. Take heart, I will find you._I hope you have not come all this way to sur-ren-der!_NEV-ER! I wield the great Wand Ellon and with it, I will de-stroy you!_Good. Let us see how pre-pared you are for bat-tle young elf._Get mov-ing, there is work to be done!_?_By the gods? we're too late?_Valin, what is my pur-pose here? You must tell me why you've brought me to Sol._I? I don't know? the Eld-ers sent me on this Quest. I was to find and bring you to them. It all hap-pened so quick-ly! The castle? the bat-tles? our Cler-ics be-lieved a pow-er-ful Lich had awak-ened?_A LICH?! Areth save us? even I can-not sum-mon the mag-iks to de-stroy such an evil crea-ture. [trem-ble] If I just had? Valin, we must search for the Eld-ers. They must have known some-thing to think that I could be of use._I don't know where to start? eve-ry-thing is so? it's hope-less!_GET A HOLD OF YOUR-SELF! This is your town, this is your home!! Be an-gry if you must but do not wal-low in self pity. We've made it to Sol, now we must fin-ish your Quest._For-give me. You are right. Ven-geance will be mine!_Uh Oh._Valin! Look out!_Sur-vi-vors, head to the Gen-er-al Store! I have food and sup-plies!|--Tathar_Crime Re-port:|Date: The 5th of the Moon|--1 book sto-len|--1 Vaet-tir ar-rest-ed|--3 Worgs slain|--In-creased Orc ac-tiv-i-ty out-side of town walls._Be-ware of the fog!_Day 1-- We've bar-ri-cad-ed our-selves in here to wait the in-va-sion out.|Day 5-- They're try-ing to get in, we can hear their claws on our door, we are so very hun-gry.|Day 9-- They've killed my wife, my only hope is to re-treat into our se-cret safe room._GUARD SCHED-ULE:|[un-read-a-ble, covered by a blood-y hand-print]_Well, well, well? I see you've de-stroyed my trees. *chuckle* You are prov-ing to be quite a chal-lenge, un-like your fel-low towns-folk?_You? What did you do to them?! WHERE ARE THEY?_*Laughs* You can-not be-gin to ima-gine the fun we've had. Sad-ly, the fun didn't last as long as I had hoped. I'm afraid they're all dead._YOU LIE!!_Valin, keep calm. Do not let this foul crea-ture lure you into his trap._[Shock] The talk-ing wand? how? how did you get that?!_You can pon-der that ques-tion in Hades' Abyss af-ter I send your foul soul there for an eter-ni-ty of torment!_*Chuckle* I will take great pleas-ure in pry-ing that Wand from your life-less fin-gers. My mas-ter will be pleased when I de-liver him that wand. Come find me if you can!_Grrrr?_Valin! Grrrrrr? oh no! S..s..stay away!!_Camthal, I'm here to help?_Stay away! *Growl* I don't want to harm you? argh? must? leave?_Camthal!_Valin, he's turn-ing. Leave him be. Un-less you wish to hunt down and slay that poor crea-ture, we should move on._Camthal_Please? go away!_Lorien? by the gods!_Please, leave me alone? please? AR-GHHH!_AD-VI-SO-RY: The court-yard gates have been locked to stop the horde of crea-tures from pro-ceed-ing into town._Lev-er Locked!_There must be a way to open this gate? per-haps Bob can be of use._Bob has un-locked the gate lev-ers!_We're over-run. I've left my post to bar-ri-cade my-self into safe-ty. --Lorien_What foul mag-ic is this?!_Pon-der that lat-er! This evil is no friend. FIGHT!_[Knock Knock Knock]_Large Hole_Boul-der Stuck!_Stuck Boul-der__Darkfel_To Sol_Book: "Lichcraft" -- Con-quer-ing Death for the Mo-dern Wiz-ard_[De-fense +1]_Book: To-day's Lich: Un-dead Wiz-ar-dry for Dun-der-heads_[Ac-cu-ra-cy +2]_232441_1342234_234141_1234432_By the gods! I have nev-er seen a Were-rat move like that!_Take care? I do not be-lieve that was a Were-rat. If the dop-pel-gang-er pos-sess-es an-y-where close to the pow-ers our good wiz-ard has mas-tered, he'll be more dif-fi-cult to de-stroy than a Lich? per-haps near-ly as pow-er-ful as Odin him-self. Pray the pow-ers giv-en to us will be enough._WHAT JUST HAP-PENED? WHERE ARE WE?! Are we up-side--down on the CEIL-ING?!_Valin, calm down! The evil wiz-ard is try-ing to dis-rupt our sen-ses. This room is not in Darkfel, an al-ter-nate ex-i-stence per-haps, but ex-treme-ly dan-ger-ous none-the-less. We must find a way out of this room._How are we sup-posed to get out?! The doors are up-side down? or I'm up-side down! This is so frus-tra-ting!_WHAT WAS THAT?!_Haun-ted boul-ders?_I doubt those boul-ders are harm-less ap-par-i-tions. You should stay clear._*groan* Now how am I sup-posed to get past those?!_Their be-hav-ior may re-veal some-thing we can use to our ad-van-tage._It seems Dareth is toy-ing with us. *sigh* We are back in Darkfel at least._[The in-scrip-tion is in a lan-guage nei-ther you nor Ellon un-der-stand.]_Gods of mer-cy, that trap was set to kill an in-no-cent. We must put a stop to this mad-ness!_Valin! Leave this in-fer-nal con-trap-tion! Con-cen-trate on find-ing Dareth!_*sigh*_Please help me! They're kill-ing eve-ry-one who dares to defy the wiz-ard! I've tried to es-cape us-ing this lock-pick but I don't know how to use it. Can you use these to get me out?_Umm, I think I could give it a shot! [Elf hands you the lock-pick set]_Wel-come to Darkfel Castle; we've been ex-pec-ting you!_Grolbuck like bash. Grolbuck bash you now._At last we meet, lit-tle thief, and the pow-er-ful Ellon too. With Ellon and Abraxas re-u-ni-ted I will be in-vin-ci-ble. Haha-ha! Vareth has failed!_I will nev-er serve you. As long as I exist, Vareth will NOT fail!_You are pow-er-ful, Ellon, but you will not re-sist me. As you have served Vareth, you will serve me. You've al-read-y done my bid-ding by lead-ing this boy into my lair._If you were in-deed lead-ing me, you could have made the jour-ney easier. In any case, we have a mat-ter to set-tle? pay-back for what you did to Sol. Since I have Ellon, well, let's just say that a wiz-ard has yet to steal an-y-thing from me!_Haha-haha! There is al-ways a first time lit-tle thief. Well, I'm game for more fun. Come, my child-ren? let us play!_Stay back? the va-pors will turn you? NOOOO!_The caul-dron? it's? don't let him turn me! EAAA-RGH!_Tat-tered rem-nants of a scroll. Sal-vaged pas-sage reads, ?over-run? tak-ing those they don't kill or turn into? --Napulin"_Scuf-fed Blood Oath charm with the name Danserest en-graved._Smashed lock-et. The im-age in-side looks fa-mil-iar._Napulin_Danserest_Might-y Abraxas,| EM-POWER ME!_Valin! Dareth's death has de-stroyed his min-ions, but it's also de-stroy-ing Darkfel! We must get out of here im-me-di-ate-ly!_You two have done well. With Dareth de-stroyed, the Lands can be-gin to re-cov-er from his siege. There is still much to be done, but you've won us a great vic-to-ry. Valin, I have one fi-nal gift for you -- this en-chant-ed gem will in-stant-ly pro-pel you to any of the lands vis-it-ed on this mis-sion. Take good care of it and use it wise-ly. [Re-ceived the Warp Gem]._Now, to right some of the wrongs that has been done in my ab-sence, Might-y Abraxas will be joined with its pro-per mas-ter._I call on the spir-it of King Brahm, the right-ful own-er of this might-y war-ham-mer. BRAHM, COME FORTH!_I have in-fused the war-ham-mer with Brahm's spir-it, and now I shall re-u-ni-te old friends. Per-haps we will meet again Valin; and Ellon, I'm sure we will see one an-oth-er very soon. Fare-well._Lev-er Jammed_He's try-ing to turn you! Use a rem-e-dy po-tion against his va-por!_It is good to be in fight-ing form again! Per-haps Eol will wield us some-day. What do ye say lit-tle wand?_It would be an hon-or!_RE-MIND-ER|Save your game prog-ress at any time by open-ing the menu (key 0) and se-lect-ing Save Game.||Your game is auto-mati-cal-ly saved when-ev-er you switch lev-els._

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