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Omgifol is a Python library for WAD files. It is open source software written by Fredrik Johansson and released under the terms of the MIT License. The most recent version, 0.2, was released May 12, 2005.


Code example[], a script that mirrors maps in a WAD, which is included in the 0.2 release:

from sys import argv
from omg import *
from omg.mapedit import *

def mirror(map):
 ed = MapEditor(map)
 for v in ed.vertexes:
 v.x = -v.x
 for l in ed.linedefs:
 l.vx_a, l.vx_b = l.vx_b, l.vx_a
 for t in ed.things:
 t.x = -t.x
 t.angle = (180 - t.angle) % 360 = ""
 return ed.to_lumps()

def main(args):
 if (len(args) < 2):
 print " Omgifol script: mirror maps\n"
 print " Usage:"
 print " input.wad output.wad [pattern]\n"
 print " Mirror all maps or those whose name match the given pattern"
 print " (eg E?M4 or MAP*)."
 print " Note: nodes will have to be rebuilt externally.\n"
 print "Loading %s..." % args[0]
 inwad = WAD()
 outwad = WAD()
 pattern = "*"
 if (len(args) == 3):
 pattern = args[2]
 for name in inwad.maps.find(pattern):
 print "Mirroring %s" % name
 outwad.maps[name] = mirror(inwad.maps[name])
 print "Saving %s..." % args[1]

if __name__ == "__main__": main(argv[1:])

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