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The Olduvai Research Facility was a Union Aerospace Corporation facility on Mars connected to the UAC's Ark Facility in Papoose Lake, Nevada.


The Olduvai Research Facility was built on Mars after the discovery of the Ark portal in 2026. By 2046, UAC scientists under Dr. Todd Carmack discovered the existence of the Martian chromosome C24 from the remains of ancient Martian skeletons and was secretly used to experiment on human convicts, creating mutated creatures. The mutants soon escaped from their confinements and causing an outbreak throughout the facility.

Dr. Carmack sent a distress message to Earth and leading to the Rapid Response Tactical Squad to investigate. The RRTS failed to contain the outbreak in which the creatures escape through the Ark portal and begin infecting the Ark Facility on Earth. John Grimm, the sole survivor of the RRTS, destroyed the Olduvai facility after tossing a grenade into the Ark portal.


  • Arc Chamber
  • Wormhole Transport
  • Research Office
  • Weapons Lab
  • Infirmary
  • Central Atrium/Atrium
  • Genetics Lab
  • Research Labs
  • Residential Areas
  • Archaeological Dig Site
  • Airlock D4


  • Olduvai is named for the Olduvai Gorge, a location in Africa where many early hominid fossils have been discovered.