Obituary is a 1995 Doom II megawad by The Innocent Crew that contains 17 new single player levels, 3 new monsters, some new graphics and an optional weapon patch that replaces 4 weapons. Two new deathmatch maps are included as well.


  • Map01: Entrance
  • Map02: The Cataract
  • Map03: Chambers of Confusion
  • Map04: The Church
  • Map05: The Hidden Below
  • Map06: Reactor
  • Map07: Slaughter Until Death
  • Map08: Observation Station
  • Map09: Nuclear Research Base
  • Map10: The Stand
  • Map11: Incubator of Chaos
  • Map12: Biochemical Factory
  • Map13: Pandemonium II
  • Map14: Halls of the Requiem
  • Map15: Castle of Damnation
  • Map16: Conclusion
  • Map31: Divine Inferno

New Monsters

There are three new monsters in Obituary. The "Harder Imp" looks identical to the standard Imp, but moves faster and shoots green fireballs. The "Bazooka Man" (named "Rocket Zombie" on Realm 667) is a Former human wielding a powerful rocket launcher. While the damage he deals is high, his health is comparable to the Shotgun guy's. He often happens to kill himself in cramped spaces with the splash damage of his own rockets. The third new enemy is descriped as the "hightech guy" in the manual. He moves very fast, fires dual-wielded machineguns and wears full body armor with with an integrated cloaking device that can render him semi-invisible.

Weapon Patch

The optional weapon patch replaces the players Fist with a kick attack, implementing new graphics for the Doom marines boots. Instead of the Pistol, the player starts with dual wielded pistols with a higher rate of fire. The Plasma gun is replaced by a flamethrower with very high damage in close combat, but limited range. It uses the standard energy cells as ammunition. The ultimate weapon is the "Sonic P300 Booster", a powerful sonic weapon replacing the BFG9000.


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