"You cannot kill the Priests. You know our laws - despite their transgressions against the covenant they are still of Sentinel blood. What you interfere with now is bigger than you can imagine. It is written, it is their time to give penance - if you continue you will bring down the heaven's wrath. You are but one man - they are no longer your people to save!"
― Novik to the Doom Slayer
"...and you will be their savior, your strength will be their shield and your will... their sword. You remain... unbroken... for your fight... is eternal."
― Novik to the Doom Slayer at the ending of DOOM Eternal

King Novik is the ruler of Sentinel Prime and Argent D'Nur as well as supreme commander of the Night Sentinels. Due to the law requiring only the mightiest warrior can rule Sentinel Prime, Novik is immensely powerful.  

Doom Eternal

The Doom Slayer encounters a spectral Novik when he arrives to retrieve the Celestial Locator. After telling Slayer to give up from his crusade against the Hell and the demons, he disappears.

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