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Nicholas Sadowayj (Identification Number: 4223-18) was a HAZMAT specialist assigned to the Sector 1 of the Recycling Plant on Mars.

Nick's PDA can be found in the Central Maintenance area.

PDA contents[]

Audio Logs[]

HAZMAT Response[]

This is the audio log of Nicholas Sadowayj, member of UAC Mars HAZMAT Response Team, dated October 1st, 2145.

We have concluded that the Martian atmosphere is wreaking havoc on the exhaust valve seals in the standard Number 5 disposal drums. The engineers cannot explain the high level of contaminants in our internal atmosphere. The air scrubbers and filtration systems all seem to be operating at normal levels, yet a small layer of particulate is making it into the storage areas. That is what caused the lockdown yesterday. EAP director Charles Hollies informs me that the personnel won't be harmed by these contaminants in the air, but we've seen that they do cause a corrosive reaction when introduced to the rubber compounds used in the storage systems. Effective immediately, all Number 5 disposal drums must be locked away in at least a Class 2 rated transport medium.

Assessment ends.


Pump Malfunction (11-02-2145)[]


I've redirected control for the main pump to the flow service terminal located on the maintenance platform above this area. If the main pump should crack or malfunction and cause a spill the only way to shut it down would be from there. Entry into the pump room would just be too dangerous. If you have any questions please see me.

Thank You,

Locked Armaments (11-10-2145)[]

Mr. Sadowayj,

I fear that the rumors I've been hearing might actually be true. The other day someone from my team was cleaning up a toxic spill in Delta and they said they actually saw some sort of creature down there, he didn't know what it was but it really scared him and got us thinking.
We can't be too careful; I've locked some ammunition and combat armor in the cabinet by the monorail airlock door here in Sector 2. If you ever need to get in it the code is: 483



  • His accent suggests that he is of Slavic ethnicity, most likely Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian. The original Russian spelling would be Садовый ("garden"). However, his surname is pronounced by him closer to "Sedgway" in a possible attempt at Anglicization. Interestingly enough, in the Russian localization his surname is changed to "Садовски" (Sadowski).