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The Newdoom forums are a set of web forums provided by the Newdoom website. They are run by William "Phoebus" Mull. Forums are provided for discussion of Classic Doom and Doom 3, as well as for the Doom Legacy and Doomsday source ports. The "Rants & Raves" forum allows for general off-topic discussion.

List of forums

  • NEW DOOM: Rants and Raves, offtopic discussion
  • DOOM 3: General, Editing, Spoilers, Tech Problems for Doom 3
  • CLASSIC DOOM: Editing; Doom; Doom II; Final Doom
  • SOURCE PORTS: Doom Legacy; Doomsday; Other Source Ports
  • GENERAL: Map Reviews; Tech Support; Artwork, N D C P; Other Games; Showcase; Music; Forums Testing
  • HOSTED SITES: The MegaWad

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