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NewDoom Community Project II (aka NDCP2) is a 2009 megawad that contains 32 new levels, made by members of the NewDoom community. It was one of the winners of Doomworld's Cacowards in 2009, and is a sequel to Newdoom Community Project, which was released in 2006.


  • MAP01: The Hive by Dutch Devil
  • MAP02: Not Applicable by Mark Pedersen (Macro11_1)
  • MAP03: Voiced Silence by Danimetal
  • MAP04: Infestations by Ron Goode (Mr.Rocket)
  • MAP05: Wasted! by Falci
  • MAP06: Amadeus by jetflock
  • MAP07: NotsoSimple by Logan MTM
  • MAP08: ShootDown by Logan MTM
  • MAP09: Pistons by ace
  • MAP10: Graystar by Nuxius
  • MAP11: Painkiller by Dutch Devil
  • MAP12: Something Died by Dennis Meuwissen (Exl)
  • MAP13: Plutonic Dawn by Josh Sealy
  • MAP14: Comrade by jetflock
  • MAP15: Halfway Between by Osiris Kalev, Josh Sealy and CrazedImp
  • MAP16: Conglomerate Complex by Various
  • MAP17: Headache by jetflock
  • MAP18: Ominous Core by Darren Finch (Doom Dude)
  • MAP19: Darkseed by jetflock
  • MAP20: Caverns by PumpkinSmasher
  • MAP21: Second Attention by Danimetal
  • MAP22: Evil Eye by Fatal
  • MAP23: Magma by ace
  • MAP24: Dimension Palace by CrazedImp
  • MAP25: Brimstone by jetflock
  • MAP26: The ArchVile's Temple by Logan MTM
  • MAP27: Wastelands by Josh Sealy
  • MAP28: Rusted Turmoil by Lee Wallis (DooMAD)
  • MAP29: Absolute Evil by g6672d, Dutch Devil and Ron Goode (Mr.Rocket)
  • MAP30: Icon of Chaos by Logan MTM
  • MAP31: Die like you Mean it by Dennis Meuwissen (Exl)
  • MAP32: Cyber-Rinth by Raptor Jesus and Josh Sealy

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