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“Never-Ending Demon Witch” (nedw) is a custom level (.WAD) created by Cacodemon124/Zombieguy for Doom II. Let’s dive into the details:

  • This WAD offers a modified level experience for Doom II.
  • In the game, you’ll start with weapons and items, similar to Doom II’s MAP30.
  • Your objective is to survive against the relentless onslaught of monsters.
  • The central antagonist is the “DEMON WITCH,” which launches spawn cubes and spawns monsters endlessly
  • The map was built from scratch and offers a single-player experience

If you’re a fan of intense battles and survival challenges, these custom levels should provide plenty of excitement! Feel free to explore them and test your skills against the relentless forces of Doom. 🎮🔥

Demon witch

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NOTE: This is also a sequel to "NEI 6"...