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Nekravol Part 2 is the eleventh level of the campaign in Doom Eternal. The last Sentinel Crystal is found in this level.


As you make your ascent, you approach the final floors of the Citadel where souls are extracted from their bodies and converted into Argent Energy. Enter the final stage of the Makyr's processing plant and use the Argent conduit to gain access to Urdak, homeworld of the Maykrs, where the Khan Maykr prepares the final ritual to take control of the Icon of Sin and unleash it up the Earth.


  • Ascend the soul spire
    • Reach the centre of the spire
    • Reach the top of the spire
  • Access the Maykr Argent conduit
    • Jump in the Argent Stream to Urdak

Mission challenges[]

  • Punched by Blood - Kill more than one enemy with a single Blood Punch 5 times.
  • Cut Down to Size - Perform a 'back' Glory Kill on a Tyrant.
  • Resurrect No More - Perform a 'left-side' Glory Kill on Arch-vile.


  • Citadel (Soul Spire, Babel)

Quick Travel Locations[]

  • Corpse Conveyor
  • Soul Extraction
  • Demon Foundry
  • Soul Ascent
  • Soul Converter (the Evulsor)
  • Argent Transmitter



DOOM ETERNAL Walkthrough Part 11 NEKRAVOL 2 2 (Sub ITA)

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