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Nekravol is the tenth campaign level in Doom Eternal.

Even though the Slayer Gates are all done, there are still Secret Encounters.


"With the Crucible Blade forged anew, you begin your journey to the Khan Maykr's heavenly realm of Urdak to stop her form gaining full control of the slumbering Icon of Sin. To reach the Maykr world you must pass through Nekravol, City of the Damned. At that course of Nekravol towers the accursed Citadel, wherein human souls are sorted, tortured and converted into Argent Energy. At the tower's peak, Argent is transmitted directly to Urdak, providing you with the only known point of entry to the Maykr city."

Nekravol is a city in Hell of indeterminately ancient origin. The area surrounding it abounds with lava, ruins, and brimstone. At the core, and perhaps the reason for the area's "development" is the Citadel, a monumental Soul Spire, and the largest of many within the city. An enslaved Titan held with massive chains is present just outside the Citadel, guarding the Abaddon Pit. The city is absolutely vital to the manufacture of Argent Energy used by the Maykr Race. The soul spires within the city are linked directly to Urdak, and it is within them that indescribably brutal methods of torture are executed upon subjects to be harvested for Argent Energy, with the intent to break the subject's soul and void it of hope. It is only after this is achieved that the soul is viable to be made into Argent Energy and sent off. The Slayer utilizes one of the connections, known as a Continuum Gate, at the top of the Citadel to reach Urdak and progress his mission.


  • Fight Through the Soul Factory

Mission challenges[]

  • The Doom Hunt - Perform a left-side Glory Kill on a Doom Hunter.
  • Tricks and Traps - Kill 8 demons with Crushers.
  • Die by the Sword - Kill 2 demons with the Crucible.



  • Abaddon Pit
  • Blood Swamps
  • Soul Factory
  • The accursed Citadel (Soul Spire, Babel)

Quick Travel Locations[]

  • Pain's Basin
  • The Mill
  • Passage of the Damned
  • Halls of Torment



DOOM ETERNAL Walkthrough Part 10 NEKRAVOL 1 2 (Sub ITA)


  • Nekravol, like the second part of Exultia, appears to be on the bottom of Hell in its deepest reaches, rather than higher up in the atmosphere on a floating rock formation like the Hell levels in DOOM (or The Shores of Hell in The Ultimate Doom). The sky is a fiery overcast red and at the beginning there is lava as far as the eye can see.
  • The concept of Hell consuming damned souls was elaborated by C. S. Lewis in The Screwtape Letters, where devils used them as food. Nekravol makes it into an industrial process, using them as a source of energy.
  • Most soul spires, though especially the Citadel, bear a striking resemblance to the biblical Tower of Babel, or at least, how it is largely portrayed and understood to look.
  • The Nekra included in the city's name is likely a derivation of the Greek root word Necro, meaning death.
  • Nekravol can bee seen in the distance in the latter in-Hell part of the level Exultia.

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