NM speed is a Compet-N speedrunning category. The objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible on Nightmare!.

Current records

Ultimate Doom

E1M1: Hangar00:09Adam
E1M2: Nuclear Plant00:23Adam
E1M3: Toxin Refinery (normal exit)00:54Drew "stx-Vile"
E1M3: Toxin Refinery (secret exit)00:51Vincent Catalaá
E1M4: Command Control00:13Adam
E1M5: Phobos Lab01:04Adam
E1M6: Central Processing01:11Adam
E1M7: Computer Station01:32Vincent Catalaá
E1M8: Phobos Anomaly00:49Adam
E1M9: Military Base00:46Drew "stx-Vile"
E2M1: Deimos Anomaly00:39Adam
E2M2: Containment Area00:14Juho "ocelot"
E2M3: Refinery00:29Vaclav "Bolton"
E2M4: Deimos Lab00:40Adam
E2M5: Command Center (normal exit)00:28Ranjo "Mummi"
E2M5: Command Center (secret exit)00:44Xit
E2M6: Halls of the Damned01:19Xit
E2M7: Spawning Vats00:17Drew "stx-Vile"
E2M8: Tower of Babel00:30Laszlo
E2M9: Fortress of Mystery00:06Marijo "Sedlo"
E3M1: Hell Keep00:31Xit
E3M2: Slough of Despair00:13Adam
E3M3: Pandemonium00:27Adam
E3M4: House of Pain00:47Adam
E3M5: Unholy Cathedral00:25Adam
E3M6: Mt. Erebus (normal exit)00:29Adam
E3M6: Mt. Erebus (secret exit)00:06Steffen "Rini" Udluft1999-02-18n3m6-006.zip1
E3M7: Limbo01:03Adam
E3M8: Dis00:19Adam
E3M9: Warrens01:05Xit
E4M1: Hell Beneath00:35Drew "stx-Vile"
E4M2: Perfect Hatred (normal exit)00:21Adam
E4M2: Perfect Hatred (secret exit)00:23Adam
E4M3: Sever the Wicked00:09Jonathan
E4M4: Unruly Evil00:37Vincent Catalaá
E4M5: They Will Repent00:32Adam
E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly01:40Vincent Catalaá
E4M7: And Hell Followed00:12Adam
E4M8: Unto The Cruel01:05Adam
E4M9: Fear00:09Thomas "Panter"

Doom II

MAP01: Entryway00:05Thomas "Panter"
MAP02: Underhalls00:45Juho "ocelot"
MAP03: The Gantlet00:25Henning
MAP04: The Focus00:36Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP05: The Waste Tunnels00:27Vincent Catalaá
MAP06: The Crusher00:56Henning
MAP07: Dead Simple00:48Adam
MAP08: Tricks and Traps00:20Ian
MAP09: The Pit01:35Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP10: Refueling Base00:34Vaclav "Bolton"
MAP11: Circle of Death00:36Ian
MAP12: The Factory01:10Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP13: Downtown01:09Adam
MAP14: The Inmost Dens00:43Vincent Catalaá
MAP15: Industrial Zone (normal exit)01:53Laszlo
MAP15: Industrial Zone (secret exit)00:37Henning
MAP16: Suburbs00:12Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP17: Tenements02:16Henning
MAP18: The Courtyard00:23Vincent Catalaá
MAP19: The Citadel00:50Ilya
MAP20: Gotcha!00:43Thomas "Panter"
MAP21: Nirvana00:27Jakub "method_man"
MAP22: The Catacombs00:50David "mr.twister"
MAP23: Barrels o' Fun00:54Xit
MAP24: The Chasm00:53Xit
MAP25: Bloodfalls00:52Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP26: The Abandoned Mines00:46Jakub "method_man"
MAP27: Monster Condo00:18Thomas "Panter"
MAP28: The Spirit World00:45Henning
MAP29: The Living End01:57Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP30: Icon of Sin00:30Adam
MAP31: Wolfenstein (normal exit)00:32Jonathan
MAP31: Wolfenstein (secret exit)00:34Jakub "Avenger"
MAP32: Grosse00:11Adam

TNT: Evilution

MAP01: System Control00:35Radek
MAP02: Human BBQ02:36Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP03: Power Control01:18Xit
MAP04: Wormhole00:16Vincent Catalaá
MAP05: Hanger02:33Xit
MAP06: Open Season02:55Juho "ocelot"
MAP07: Prison00:56Xit
MAP08: Metal03:35Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP09: Stronghold 2
MAP10: Redemption02:00Xit Vono2002-09-11text=text=|
MAP11: Storage Facility00:17Vincent Catalaá
MAP12: Crater00:43Xit
MAP13: Nukage Processing01:29Ilya
MAP14: Steel Works02:53Xit
MAP15: Dead Zone (normal exit)00:16Xit
MAP15: Dead Zone (secret exit)00:12Xit
MAP16: Deepest Reaches01:20Xit
MAP17: Processing Area00:44Xit
MAP18: Mill02:29Xit
MAP19: Shipping/Respawning01:05Xit
MAP20: Central Processing07:18Xit
MAP21: Administration Center07:33Xit
MAP22: Habitat00:18Andrew
MAP23: Lunar Mining Project00:40Xit
MAP24: Quarry00:12Vincent Catalaá
MAP25: Baron's Den03:56Xit
MAP26: Ballistyx04:45Xit
MAP27: Mount Pain05:11Xit
MAP28: Heck01:29Xit
MAP29: River Styx02:47Jakub "method_man"
MAP30: Last Call01:31Adam
MAP31: Pharaoh (normal exit)00:29Xit
MAP31: Pharaoh (secret exit)00:33Xit
MAP32: Caribbean04:03Xit

The Plutonia Experiment

MAP01: Congo00:38Xit
MAP02: Well of Souls01:22Xit
MAP03: Aztec01:15Xit
MAP04: Caged00:57Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP05: Ghost Town00:29Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP06: Baron's Lair01:06Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP07: Caughtyard00:29Adam
MAP08: Realm03:07Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP09: Abattoire02:01Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP10: Onslaught00:21Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP11: Hunted00:52Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP12: Speed00:15Casey
MAP13: The Crypt01:25Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP14: Genesis00:54Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP15: The Twilight (normal exit)00:27Adam
MAP15: The Twilight (secret exit)00:28Adam
MAP16: The Omen00:32Vincent Catalaá
MAP17: Compound00:09Vincent Catalaá
MAP18: Neurosphere00:06Vincent Catalaá
MAP19: NME00:53Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP20: The Death Domain01:23Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP21: Slayer00:23Xit
MAP22: Impossible Mission02:32Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP23: Tombstone01:51Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP24: The Final Frontier00:48Xit
MAP25: The Temple of Darkness02:16Adam
MAP26: Bunker00:53Xit
MAP27: Anti-Christ00:50Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP28: The Sewers01:32Xit
MAP29: Odyssey of Noises01:11Jakub "method_man"
MAP30: The Gateway of Hell00:43Xit
MAP31: Cyberden03:50Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP32: Go 2 It01:18Xit
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