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Screenshot from doomworld

Screenshot of the original MyHouse post to doomworld.

MyHouse is a Doom II (1994) mod. It requires the GZDoom source port to run. The creator, Veddge, whose real name is Steven Nelson, posted the mod to Doomworld on March 2, 2023, claiming that the mod was a polished version of a map from his deceased friend, Tom, whose full name is Thomas Allord. The map is a recreation of his friend's house, which seems to be all that there is to the map, until you explore further.

Theories and Observations[]

  • Previous posts made by Veddge on Doomworld imply that he is working on a tribute map, which is most likely MyHouse, as the posts imply or outright state things that are almost synonymous with things that the diary states; that he's losing sleep over the map, that the map seems to have control over its own design, and that he was collecting the old MyHouse map from the floppy drives Tom's family had given him, among other things.
  • When you are traversing the basement of the house initially, a Soul sphere appears on top of a pedestal outside of the house, seen through the basement windows. When you exit the house and go to locate it, the item is not there. This is actually bait, as when you look back inside of the basement, you can see more demons have spawned, and the keys in the house that you were supposed to collect have turned into skulls. It's important to note that if you looked around the house when you first played, you might notice the outside of the house now has windows on both floors.
  • The map is most likely inspired by the novel House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, as portions of the diary color the word "house" in blue text, referencing one of the many quirks of the novel. There's also a chance you can find a hallway spiraling into darkness, which is most likely a reference to the Navidsons' hallway.
  • When you die at any point in the map, if you don't try to respawn, you can find yourself in a hospital. This hospital contains two pickups; a key to one room in the hospital, and an empty pill bottle within that room. You can also find an defibrillator in the room you can use to bring yourself back to life in the Berserk state.
  • There's two dogs in the Brutalist section of the map, including a good doggy and a bad doggy. If you kill one dog, the other one dies.
  • People have theorized that Allord and Nelson were married, due to some hints in the diary found in the Google Drive.
  • The song that the car near the gas station is playing is known as "The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet", a song whose actual name appears to not exist anywhere on the internet.