Mr. Nadira is a character in Doom RPG.

Senior resident with UAC's Biological Research Facility specializing in experiments on mind control. He received his M.D. from the Fukuoka Glom Medical School and immediately joined UACHQ Medical Research for his residency. Mr. Nadira has been based on the Mars outpost for the past 18 months where he works directly with the advance research team and their equipment to further his studies. He has been known to raise the ire of several animal rights organizations with his record of using various animals in his work, but the UAC assures all concerned that his work with animals is purely observational and no animals are harmed under UAC care.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

Mr. Nadira worked on mind control research, experimenting on canine neurology. As a result of his experiments, he developed the Dog Collar which can be used to control Hellhounds. However, he is secretly working for Kronos.

When encountered in Sector 3, he initially hides his intentions, explaining the purpose of the dog collar. However, he deceives the player, sending the hellhounds to attack the player, whose weapons he has confiscated. The player is forced to use the dog collar to defeat the hounds.

Nadira returns in Sector 6, where he is betrayed by Dr. Guerard and ultimately killed by a Wretched.

Behind the scenes

Mr. Nadira is also mentioned on the UAC website.[1]

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