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Morph Ovum

The Torpol's Morph Ovum in Heretic is different from the other artifacts. When it is used, several projectiles, which look like eggs, are fired in a spread, similar to that of the Ethereal Crossbow. Monsters hit by one of the projectiles will transform into a chicken. In this state, they become very easy for the player to kill.

If the player gets hit by a morph ovum projectile, they will transform into a chicken, and will have only 30% of their health. They cannot go over that limit and are more vulnerable to enemies. There is an advantage to this state in that the small size allows the player to go under low ceiling areas which would otherwise not be reachable. While in the chicken state, the player has a very weak "pecking" attack and is unable to use any equipped weapons.

The effect of the morph ovum wears off after 40 seconds, returning players and monsters back to normal after a while. Health for players returns to 100%.

The Morph Ovum is useless against Iron Liches, Maulotaurs, D'Sparil, and his Chaos Serpent.


Players who have been transformed into chickens by the Morph Ovum may return to their normal state immediately by using a Tome of Power if one is available.

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